Manager – Vasily Lomchenko battling shoulder pain in Teofimo Lopez fight

According to their recent champion, Aegis Klimas, lightweight champion Vasily Lomchenko underwent right shoulder surgery on Monday.

Lomachenko previously underwent surgery on his right shoulder in May 2018. Klimas said the surgery is both the result of a groin disease and an injury Lomachenko suffered on Saturday during the second round of his decision loss to Tefimo Lomez.

Lomchenko was very cautious in the first half of the competition, when Lopez had a significant edge on the scorecard. His late round rally fell short, and Lomchenko lost his WBC, WBO and WBA titles.

He called Dr. He was examined by Neil ElTrach (who oversees his operation in 2018) and was told that he would need surgery on this day.

According to Klima, Lomchenko should be able to resume training by mid-January.

“When he arrived in the states to prepare for the fight, he said that in Ukraine he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder,” Klimas said, adding that an MRI did not reveal a significant shoulder injury. “We immediately took him to Dr. Elatrache to examine him.”

Six weeks before the fight, Lomchenko was given an injection and he alerted both the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association and the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“We lost a week of training. We lost after spending a week because the doctor forbade him to do much for a week after the injection,” Kalmas said.

Klimus said that a few weeks later, the pain flared up during a sparse session. At the time, Lomachenko was given another injection, and her father and trainer, Anatoli, said “wanted out of the fight,” Clemus said.

Vasily Lomachenko said that he would not back down from the fight, and made it clear to his team that if he were out, he would retire.

Although news of the injury came quickly after the loss on Saturday, Clemmas said: “We didn’t want it as if we were looking for excuses or something.”

When Lomchenko heals, Clemus states that he wants a chance to get the belt back.

“If it’s possible, we want a rematch,” Kalmas said. “If they are too tough … are they ready to come back and do this?”


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