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Manage your child’s Amazon FreeTime settings from the web

Amazon's FreeTime service gives parents an easy-to-read view of exactly what a child is doing on an Amazon tablet or Android device.

Describe how much time a child has been reading, what game (s)) they are taking their time with: FreeTime and Parent Dashboard make it easier to control their children.

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But one thing it lacks is the ability to control and adjust settings, screen time and add or remove applications. The only way to control those things was through physical access to the device.

Last week Amazon announced the addition of account settings to the Main Board, which means that you can now remotely control your child's device at any time.

  Amazon -freetime-parental-dashboard-controls

Jason Cipriani / CNET's screenshot

To get started, visit parents.amazon.com and sign in to your Amazon account. The next screen will reveal a list of each child's account. At the bottom of a child's section there is a link to Settings for the respective child. Click on the.


Jason Cipriani / CNET's screenshot

The following screen will present you with several options: lock or unlock a device, add content, adjust time limits, age filter, in-app purchases and web browser settings.

The first time you access the configuration, you will be asked to accept the new feature, which is just saying that you agree to allow Amazon to synchronize the settings between the device and the board.

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