Man using live snake as face mask board bus in England

One person was seen on a public bus in England using a live snake as a temporary snake.

The unidentified man was taking a bus from Swinton to Manchester on Monday when a snake was wrapped around his neck when another passenger photographed the bizarre moment.

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A passenger, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had previously believed the man was wearing only a “funky mask” until the snake began slipping on the handrails, according to the BBC.

The woman said that she found the incident “really ridiculous” and that the other passengers were not disturbed by the serpent.

“Nobody killed an eyelid,” he said.

Officials said a snake is not a fair face during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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A spokesman for Greater Manchester said in a statement, “Government guidance clearly states that this is not a surgical mask and passengers may wear their scarf or bandana.”

The statement said, “While there is a small degree of interpretation that can be applied to this, we do not believe it extends to the snake bite – especially when it is associated with the snake.”

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In England, face masks are needed on public transport such as planes, trains and buses to prevent the spread of coronovirus.