Man lights a grill at Waffle House while the worker sleeps –

Man lights a grill at Waffle House while the worker sleeps


An army doctor says that a craving for drunkenness at night by a melted bacon cheesesteak led him to break the law and light an unmanned grill at Waffle House to fry one by himself.

"I could not sleep, so it went to [Waffle House] … guess what … everyone in the shift was asleep," Alex Bowen, a 36-year-old combat medic stationed in South Carolina, posted in his Facebook page on November 30.

The message – accompanied by a photo of Bowen's asleep and hilarious cook selfies while taking over the kitchen went viral.

Bowen said he was headed home after drinking with friends at a local West Columbia bar Thursday when he was pbading the restaurant chain and his stomach began to growl.

He said he stayed at the cash register for 10 minutes waiting for someone to take his order and even went out to check if there was anyone there.

"That's when I got hot grill with melted Texas bacon cheese," he told ABC News.

He cooked the food, wrapped it in a carry-out container and cleaned the kitchen when it was finished. It was when he was cooking, he said, that he saw the only employee sound asleep.

"[The employee] did not wake up all the time, and nobody came into the restaurant," Bowen said.

He admitted that initially he did not pay for the sandwich, but once he fell asleep and digested it, he returned later with the money.

A Waffle House the district administrator, complaining about the security breach, approached Bowen and thanked him for pointing out a flaw in his business.

In a statement, Waffle House said that customers should never get behind the counter, but in Bowen's case they would. Offer him a job.

"For security reasons, our customers should never have to go behind the counter, rather, they should get a quality experience delivered by friendly partners," the statement said. "We are reviewing this incident and will take the appropriate disciplinary action." On a related note, obviously Alex has some culinary skills, and we would like to talk to him about a job since we can have something for him.

Now in paid employment, Bowen did not seem interested in the offer.

But he said that the next time he goes to the Waffle House, he expects the cook to be awake.

"But if not, I would know what to do," he joked.

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