Man killed in device explosion at son’s gender reveal party in New York

A future father was killed when a device he was building for a gender reveal party exploded, New York police said Monday. Christopher Pekny, 28, was assembling a device for his son’s gender reveal party in the Catskills town of Liberty when it exploded just before noon Sunday, state police said.

Pekny was killed in the blast and her 27-year-old brother, Michael Pekny, was injured, police said. He was treated for his injuries at an area hospital.

CBS New York reports that at Livingston Manor Diner, owned by the victim’s family, the candles and flowers symbolize the distress felt by their friends and family. Pekny’s family released a statement saying they are heartbroken over her loss, but grateful for the great amount of love and support from the community.

The death is the latest in a series of tragedies attributed to faulty gender-disclosure devices in recent years.

A Michigan man was killed earlier this month when he was hit by shrapnel from a gender reveal cannon used at a baby shower, authorities said.

Another gender reveal device caused a forest fire in September 2020 that burned thousands of acres in southern California.

In 2019, a the grandmother was murdered at a home in rural Iowa when a gender reveal explosive device exploded.


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