Man fired at Southpark Mall; suspect fleeing –

Man fired at Southpark Mall; suspect fleeing


COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. – Southpark Mall is locked after police said a man was shot in a store during a fight on Saturday afternoon.

Colonial Heights police said the shooting occurred inside the PAC Sun store in the mall at 230 Southpark Circle.

Officials said the shooting happened when two men got into an altercation and shot was fired.

"The victim and the shooter knew each other," CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil said, citing police. [19659002] The victim, who suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, was transported to the VCU Medical Center and was in critical condition at the last check.

After the shooting, witnesses said that the suspect fled the mall.

"It's not on the Southpark Mall property," Covil said. "He has fled the area, the police are confident that he is not here."

Police said they know the identity of the shooter and are actively looking for him.

The shopping center and the cinema were evacuated. As of 2:50 p.m., some buyers said they were still locked in stores.

The shopping center remained locked at 3:15 p.m.

Witness: victim's shooter

Marriam Jaffry said she went into shock when she witnessed the shooting inside the PAC Sun store.

He said the shooting victim punched the suspect twice before hearing a "loud" shot

"The guy who got the shot, if I'm not mistaken, punched the guy who shot him "said Jaffry. "And then he took out his gun and loaded it and shot the guy"

Jaffry said the victim lost consciousness.

He said he saw the shooter, whom he described as a black man with gold chains, fleeing.

"He had many gold chains and many gold jewels in it," Jaffry said.

In the moments after the shooting, Jaffry hastened to alert some of the members of his family who work at the mall. .

"I called my brother and said, 'Get out of there,'" he said. "And they thought he was playing … It was scary."

Jaffry was still staggering when he told his story to Brendan King and Wayne Covil.

"My heart was beating so fast, because it could have been one of us," Jaffry said.

Reports of an active shooter

The reports of the shooting provoked numerous social media posts and calls to the WTVR CBS 6 press room for fear of an active shooter situation in the shopping center.

"Someone shooting at Southpark Mall," author Tiffany tweeted at 1:35 pm

Someone shooting at Southpark Mall!

– Author Tiffany (@AuthorTiffanyF) December 2, 2017

Tiffany said she was at the mall to promote her books when they all ran out of the mall.

He said he had no "idea" of what triggered the incident, which he said happened near the PAC Sun store. She said she left the mall near Macy's.

Another man who had gone to the mall to go shopping said he was not allowed to enter. He said "they started leaving everyone at Macy's" around 1:50 pm

Quick response from the mall, the police

WTVR senior reporter CBS 6 Wayne Covil said that several people were told to leave the mall, he thought that the store's employees and the police handled the situation well.

"It was a scary moment here in Colonial Heights," Covil said.

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