Man dies from South Dakota AG’s car due to vehicle impact, preliminary autopsy confirms

Authorities announced on Tuesday that South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravensborg died of the trauma of a pedestrian who was hit by a car.

Reavesborg said in a September statement that he called 911 and discovered a trench with Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek using a cell phone flashlight when he believed he had been in the sept at 10:30 p.m. Has killed a large animal around 12. Missing from the bodies of both individuals was Joseph Boover, a 55-year-old man who was killed in a collision and was found the following morning.

State Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Craig Price said Tuesday that early autopsy results in Ramsey County Minnesota confirmed that the fever pedestrian died of trauma with a motor vehicle accident.

Ravensburg called 911 in the evening of September 12, but a blood sample was not given to officers until about 1:30 a.m. the next day, Price said.

The Secretary of Public Safety said Ravensborg had a blood alcohol content of 0, but also said the average body sheds .015 percent alcohol per hour. According to the state’s public safety website a person with 0.08 percent blood alcohol content is considered driving under the influence.

It would take about six hours to return a 0 blood alcohol content from the legal limit based on the average given by the value, and Ravensburg was sampled approximately 15 hours after the accident.

Audio from a 911 call and a transcript were released on Tuesday, along with Ravensburg’s toxicology results. In the audio, Ravensborg identifies himself as the state attorney general and tells the dispatcher that he killed “something”.

“It definitely struck me,” Ravensborg said in the call. “Broke my windshield.”

“Oh no, okay,” the dispatcher replied. “Do you think it was a deer or something?”

“I have no idea,” Ravensborg said.

Full autopsy results are expected on Boever in the coming weeks. Bower’s cousin, Victor Nemec, previously told NBC News that he drove Bower out of the house after his car collided with Highley and last saw him alive around 9:30 the night of the crash.

For an unknown reason, that night, Bower was back in his truck.

South Dakota Village. Christie Noam said Ravensborg is not on leave and investigations into the accident are continuing, continuing their duties. The governor and the state’s attorney general have not had any contact since the investigation, Noam said.

Investigations into the forensic reconstruction of the crash and the death of Boever still continue. No charges have been laid against Ravensborg.

Ravensborg’s office previously said the incident was a “tragic accident” and the AG is fully cooperating with investigators. Nemec expressed doubts over the transparency of Ravensborg’s account and the investigation into the death of his cousin in September, saying “there is a clear distinction between a human and a deer.”

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