Man Accuses Police of Extinguishing Fire During Capital Riot in Pennsylvania

A retired Pennsylvania firefighter has been arrested and is now charged by Trump supporters for putting a fire extinguisher on police during a deadly mob attack on the Capitol last week.

According to court documents filed on Thursday, the 55-year-old Chester, Pa. K Robert Sanford faces federal felony charges, including assault with a police officer, as officers identify Sanford in footage showing a man with a fire extinguisher toward police.

“The video was shot from a high place and showed an area of ​​the Capitol with a large group of police officers surrounded by at least three sides by a group of rebels,” the court said.

In the footage, according to court documents, the fire extinguisher can be seen seeing an officer wearing a helmet, before causing havoc and attacking an officer without a helmet. The object ricochetes again and hits a third officer in the head. The officer was wearing a helmet.

The incident was different from the ongoing investigation into the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Siknik, who died after he was allegedly beheaded by a fire extinguisher during the January 6 riots.

Sanford, who recently retired from the Chester Fire Department according to court documents, was also charged with disorderly conduct for entering the Capitol Ground, civil disorder and unlawfully entering the Capitol Building.

Authorities said the FBI earlier this week asked the public in video footage to help a man wear a hat with letters. A friend who knew Sanford was on the Capitol Ground during the riot contacted police after looking at FBI photographs.

according to this The Associated Press, Is due in Sanford federal court Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon, though officials said the case would go to trial in Washington, DC

Court documents did not indicate whether Sanford currently had an attorney to represent him.

The Justice Department has so far brought more than 70 criminal cases in connection with last week’s pro-Trump riot that met to certify the presidential-election as a joint session of Congress Joe BidenJoe Bidenkton: The Senate lacks the authority to impeach, when Trump calls office Marjorie Taylor Green, he will present impeachment articles against the resignation of Biden ICE’s executive director after much time in office.Electoral victory of.

Five people died amid the chaos, in which Sikic and a woman were shot. By a simple officer. Three others died of “medical emergencies” near the grounds of the Capitol.


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