Malia Obama discovered Mystery Smooching at the Harvard-Yale Games


Malia Obama is back in the news, this time for kissing a mysterious man at the Harvard-Yale Games held over the weekend.

From the clip published by TMZ, Barack's first daughter Michelle Obama was seen with a white child during her college game in New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday. Malia, dressed in a yellow windbreaker and white pants, hugs the boy in a red sweater, kisses him, before sucking on the cigar case.

As usual, this video has sparked reactions from Americans on social media, with many people exasperated with furtively loitering people and leaking details about the young Harvard student to the media.

Only in August of this year, Malia went crazy at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, and from the videos, she was seen rolling around the floor, dancing. The video went viral, like other videos of her doing scandalous things that teenagers are famous for, like smoking and drinking.

In September, her father accompanied her to school and many people sighed for relief; the viral clips will eventually end, the fans of his family thought. But the circle never ends; She is the daughter of the most beloved president of the United States in recent times, so she will be harbaded for a long time.

Anyway, watch the video of her doing what normal teenagers do:

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