Male Gaslight Lyrebirds Females to have sex with

Illustration for the article titled Australian Pickup Artist Birds allegedly turning to gas lighting for hookups

Picture: GREG WOOD (fake images)

As I have long said about this very blog, the birds are terrible and they should all be canceled. But perhaps none more so than lyrebirds, which were recently discovered to be the early 2000s collecting artists of the world of flying dinosaurs. These cowardly birds will stop at nothing to score, including doing some really amazing things like having a “display” area, which I assume is an adult apartment complete with hand towels and more than one pillow, along with crafting elaborate and impressive dance routines. But they also routinely try to seal the deal with their pairs of Bumble birds by doing very messy things like mimicking the sounds of impending danger, presumably so that the lyre lady falls into the old rom-com trap of beating up the nearest available scruffy. – adorable lyre bird, because why not if we are about to die anyway?

According For researchers, male lyrebirds will mimic all kinds of sounds from approaching predators, including the “mobbing” sounds that groups of birds make when a predator approaches so that your bird’s date will freeze long enough to a mating:

“When the copycat calls were analyzed in detail, the researchers were able to detect harassment calls that sounded like eastern yellow robins, brown spiny beaks and white-browed scrubs. From time to time, the researchers detected alarm calls that sounded like two species of possums. “

These PUA birds are not the only animals that do this; they are the most exaggerated with that. And while these birds are “capable of doing amazing things and terrible things,” says Dr. Anastasia Dalziell, it’s apparently not a situation for all lyre birds, and we shouldn’t be so quick to cancel them:

“The males are doing everything they can to get the female to mate. It’s just one of the many things men do, ”adds Dalziell. “They have this beautiful dance routine and sing from dawn to dusk, so the female receives all these other beautiful signals. We shouldn’t see lyrebirds as terrible. “

Okay, but these are the same researchers who threw a snake at these birds already under pressure to try and get a “mobbing” control sound, so obviously the problem is systemic. Lady lyrebirds, please know that no matter my scruples with birds in general, I pride myself on being, above all, a bird feminist, so if any of you would like to get in touch to tell your story, my DMs are always open .


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