San E Talks about the recent "Death Death" Performance Achievement + SME Issues 2 Booklet

On 15 February, San E Instagram Live continued to talk about the recent episodes and posted on Twitter about the same issue. At the same time, MBC has given the second anxiety about the affair.

On January 31, San E featured on a broadcast of the KBC Bill "Kill Bill" MBC program to complete its "Wannabe Rapper" course. In the course of achieving, the screen displayed in a & # 39; behind the words "I'm cheated cameras", which greatly enhanced the rapper and the show.

Subsequently, "Kill Bill" production staff dropped official excuse. The E responded to the dispute by a & # 39; Bring up a video of the original rehearsal for the show where "hidden cameras" go over the same backdrop display.

In the Instagram Live broadcast, San E said, "It would lie down if I said that I did not feel how I gave me an uneasy attack. I was feeling like that, but it was Clearing the misunderstanding and I'm happy now. It's good to be strong when times want you to be strong. Today morning, my mind was frightened, but I thought I should have to be strong and everything is happening up really. "

In response to fans who recommend that it should be & # 39; He said, "It is not easy to do so. If I complain, I must appoint a lawyer with my own money. It's not free. Solicitors or lawyers need to be elected There are two options. One will come to an agreement. But then people will stop me from selling agreements. If I do not agree, there is nothing special. A large amount of money is paid to the country. The cost is not to hire a lawyer, so it's not what I can do anything. I can not help, people could not be scared, just waiting. "

He also talked about the accomplishment of "Bill Kill" others. "Wannabe Rapper" is a satire on society and its society; entertaining this Is America. & # 39; Childish Gambino. The most important words are. No, I like hidden cameras & # 39; to be protected from illegal filming. Can someone in that correct mind have a public broadcasting channel? Use common sense. "

He continued, "Even if I asked the people who did the video to do such a thing, they would not do it. This performance was achieved after full approval with the MBC. day, there were many things that were illegal and I thought I should talk. I had no clips from filming at the time. When I got all of them, he said : "I like hidden cameras X [indicating a crossing out]During the pre-census. I wanted to criticize the social problem of people who wanted them to apply for gender equality but to; upload a hidden camera. It is unfortunately that the same screen capture has done things like this. "

He was talking about the song "Wannabe Rapper." "I wanted to criticize social problems such as mammonism [the false worship of money], the bad detriment of large divisions, the evil pollution in terms of bringing faces, abduction against men and women, the case of Gangnam, Demonstrating personal criminal information in advance, and alcohol and drug-driven driving. It is not easy to play this song on public broadcast channels. I did not feel if I was not deleted while & # 39; I can do it on a public broadcasting channel. The staff asked if I would do something else but I wanted to do this. "

Then, he talked about the crime of filming people illegally, and this has been a major case in South Korea in recent years. Broadcasting as a digitalized digital crime, it was reported that small cameras were installed in many public utilities (such as bathrooms) to register females secretly.

"Of course, people are illegally filming crime," he said. "Instead of saying that I was unilateral, I wanted to increase people's resemblance by using irony. I thought it would be good if people were not in- I understand and say, "San E is supporting public cameras hidden on public channels." I am grateful to the MBC and Kill Bill staff although I was discomfused I can talk about social issues like that on their stage. This show was made in October 2018. Before the song was & # 39; Feminist Disbanded. I do not want to fight with people now. "

San E was set out in a series of controversies at the end of the last year of his song "Feminist." Speaking about this topic, he said, "I do not hate women and I support those who talk for women's rights. But I I think the meaning of the feminist word has changed. I prefer to talk about gender equality. To give respect and love and mutual respect. Is that too Really? I do not like to bring sides for men or women. Many of my female fans who helped me get here, and how I can do things to tell the people that I am so grateful to me. It is a misunderstanding. "

He commented on Twitter, he said, "I wanted to identify social problems that could be a lot of people through Wannabe rapper, such as filming and misleading distribution Grandson, the case of Gangnam, bringing faces between men and women, and hated hatred. Instead of their concept, text and words, people did not Looking only on the screen and of the edited imagery, & # 39; San E is a rape and helps people filmed illegally & … I criticized the unreasonable things that women could go through a bad bias and mixing other non-essential things, I realized that the stunning meaning of the song was I'm going to lose it. I work harder the next time. "

MBC and "Kill Bill" staff said the second half had an excuse on their website, saying, "We found that the controversial situation occurred in a question because the video that was played on the show edited in a way that was different from the art. We raised a dispute to showcase the accuracy of what the artist wanted to express. Let's relax on the artist, San E, and the listeners for this error. "

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