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Make funny messages using the Bayeux Tapestry memes creator

The famous Bayeux tapestry, which returns to the United Kingdom for the first time in 950 years, tells the story of the Normandy taking of England through elaborate embroidery. But you do not have to invade the United Kingdom to make your own version of the tapestry.

Using the historical story construction kit, you can take the same images of warriors, citizens, beasts, buildings, boats and more from the tapestry and create your own embroidered memes.

Two German students, Björn Karnebogen and Gerd Jungbluth, from the Academy of Medium Arts in Cologne, originally wrote the historical story building kit using Flash.

While your original Flash site is no longer available, there is a new online application, created by GitHub users Leonard Allain-Launay, Mathieu Thoretton and Maira, who relives the popular medieval memes generator.

You can also download a separate version of the meme generator and also offline.

"This project is available for your use and we hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we enjoy building it, we put the source code open on GitHub, so you can grab it, play with it or even help out by contributing," the team wrote in the site of GitHub.

Meme fans are already publishing some rather creative versions of Bayeux Tapestry on social media using the Historic Tale construction kit, which includes parodies of television shows, lyrics and more.

These are some of our favorites:

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