Major League Exchanges Rumors: Will Brian Cashman of the Yankees trade for OF with Aaron Judge? Send Chad Green? Mailbag

Brendan Kuty, New York Yankees reporter, answers questions from fans on Twitter. Topics include Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Chad Green, Giancarlo Stanton and more.

In a vacuum, of course. Actually, it would probably have to get much worse for the Yankees to send Chad Green to Triple-A to get it fixed. Has it been terrible? Yes. Through nine appearances, Green has a 12.27 ERA. He has delivered three homers. On Sunday, he was charged with three earned runs after loading bases without outs to Adam Ottavino, who allowed all runners to score. Here is the question: Chad Green was one of the best baseball relievers in 2017 and 2018. They are not going to degrade a man only after some bad starts, not someone who has been so good. They will give you all the opportunities to decipher it in the majors in low leverage places. You can talk as much as you want about how players need to get hard, but sending Green after some bad starts could be a real blow to his confidence, and it could drive him crazy. And it could make other players worry that, regardless of their history, the Yankees could send it at the first sign of trouble. It will not happen in the short term. One more thing: he's a guy who really throws just one pitch, his fastball. So, even when it's not right, it's probably not very far from deciphering it.

It's coach Matt Krause and the conditioning staff. But have you ever seen a stretch before the game? Half of the players talk among themselves. Half are not even listening to the stretching routine. Half are going through the movements. Each of them is mainly responsible for the business of freeing itself. It's like that throughout the league.

According to general manager Brian Cashman, they are still trying to solve it. The Yankees say that an MRI on March 5, when Severino got hurt for the first time, showed only an inflammation of the rotator cuff and not the Grade 2 latent tension that was recently discovered. But Severino says he has felt the problem from the beginning. Then, there is a clear disconnection, and if either party knows what it is, it has not yet said it publicly. It's definitely weird. The scenarios here are not good, no matter what the real one is: Did Severino lie initially? Did not he just pull out the lat at the beginning? Did the doctors miss it? Did Severino really hurt himself in a different way and now he's trying to hide it? Yikes

I'm sure Cashman has his best players looking for the right deal. And I'm sure the Yankees will be thrown over what they can in the exemption wire. But I do not see a big exchange happening. Even with the rest weeks of the Yankees, at this time they are getting a lot of production from Clint Frazier. Maybe they think Mike Tauchman can continue with this. Brett Gardner had three hits on Sunday. Besides, when Stanton and Hicks return, where would you put the guy you just exchanged for? Are you going to send Frazier? No I'm not going to cut Gardner. The Yankees seem to be able to overcome this.

It would seem that Giancarlo Stanton (tension of the left biceps) is the closest to making a return. A couple of days ago, manager Aaron Boone did not rule out his return during this trip to the west coast. On Saturday, Stanton spoke, and it sounded less like a comeback than Boone did, but things change quickly. Stanton has been hitting the cage. Next step: knock out. When he can do that, he can probably start a rehabilitation badignment, if he needs it, and return quite quickly.

It's so they have a ball already in their glove so they can throw the fielders to the infielders in the next inning. It is so they do not have to look for one just before going out into the field.

The writers travel alone. People DO sometimes travel with the team, sometimes traveling alone, depending on who needs to be on the team plane.

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