Major Laser and Mr. K4mo and Nicki Minaj for ‘Oh My God’. Easy call

Major Laser paired its EDM sound with the Nigerian star Mr. EasyAfrican rhythm, hip-shaking track of fellow Nigerian musician on Thursday (10 September) for “Oh My God” K4mo And Nicki Minaj.

“Oh God, I’ve never looked down like this / By the way he’s seen Hula Hoop? I jump like this,” Mr. Eazy begins an infectious song, accompanied by a dance hall-inspired choreography video . Minaj soon swoops in with her trembling verse, announcing, “Stranger, looking for some danger / Rides like a bad gal, the face of an angel / This one, yes, I am Major, Asia. Out of the UK / pull out range, he got the beepin like a pager. ”

“This record was really fun to make,” Eazy said of the track in a statement. “And it’s crazy how it went from listening to a K4mo intro in the studio with Fred Again, hopping on me and then hopping into Diplo! And Walshey killed me by saying that it’s a banging thing — the next thing. Hai Nikki! It’s been two years as a journey indeed and I can’t wait to perform it on my next festival! ”

To celebrate the start of the Carnival season and the new single, Major Laser will host an online Carnival Livestream on September 13 via Twitch. Organized by Walsh Fire, the all-day program will feature DJ sets from Major Laser and over 20 artists. Worldwide.

Watch the “Oh My Gawd” dance video below.

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