Major fur auctioneer to close link between mink and COVID-19 in Demark

Copenhagen Fur, which describes itself as the world’s largest fur auctioneer, said that this week it will close its doors in a few years. Some say that this may be an element indicating the beginning of the end of the global fur trade.

The 1,500 breeders’ cooperative, which was set up in 1930, said earlier this month that the government announced killing 15 million minks – to reduce their risk of transmission COVID-19 For humans – “Changes the company’s basic platform in the long run.”

The company said on Thursday, “Unfortunately, the loss of Danish mink production means that the ownership base disappears and, therefore, the management of the company gradually reduced the company and controlled closure over a period of 2-3 years. Has decided to do. ” Website.

The government has pulled back on the Mink Colored Order announced earlier this month due to legal issues, and now recommends that farmers reduce it, rather than reduce it. Copenhagen für released the news about his company following a government order.

According to Copenhagen Fur, CEO Jessper Gage told more than 300 employees of the company on Thursday that the business would be closed a few years from now.

Denmark is one of the main exporters of mink fur globally. According to the Associated Press, it produces about 17 million furs each year, and Kopenhagen fur accounts for 40% of worldwide production.

The auction house said on its website, “Copenhagen Fur’s large international customer group has difficulty understanding last week’s development in Denmark.” “Many customers have based their entire business model on Danish mink.”

Farre's novel coronavirus mutation causes mink carcasses to be disposed of in a field
On October 21, 2020, mink carcasses are disposed of at a farm in Farre in the southern part of Jutland, Denmark.

Ritzau Scanpeaks / Matte Mute / REUTERS

“The Copenhagen fur is built on the cooperative spirit in the individual and the confidence of his strength in the community,” Laugh said. “Unfortunately, even the strongest communities cannot avoid the consequences of decisions that are now made.”

On the same day as the announcement, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control published a report highlighting the development of coronovirus in mink and its potential to influence human diagnosis, treatment and vaccine development.

Scientists have found that a mutation of the virus, called cluster 5, has the potential to reduce future vaccine efforts, but emphasized that more research is still needed.

Humane Society International (Europe) Senior Director of Public Affairs Drs. Joanna Sveba said, “The ECDC Risk Report and the announcement made by Copenhagen Fur stated that it would end the trade altogether.” The fur farms are not only the cause of huge and unnecessary animal suffering, but also They are ticking time bombs for fatal diseases, potential virus factories capable of churning out mutations of COVID-19 and even reducing medical progress towards reliable treatment. “

Denmark’s Health Minister Magnus Hunnicke said earlier this month that half of 783 human COVID-19 cases in northern Denmark are related to “mink”.

On Thursday, America’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fausi said the mutation found in Denmark would not be from vaccines that are under development.

The mink has also prompted coronovirus concerns in the US, but officials said there was no evidence the animals had infected humans. Last month, officials said about 12,000 animals died of disease on farms in Utah and Wisconsin, which has seen a decline in recent years, even before the epidemic.

On Friday, PETA said the fur industry is “well and truly dead” after the Copenhagen fur announcement.

“We simply cannot wait for the next pandemic to emerge. Governments should end the cruel and risky fur trade for good farmers and focus instead on supporting fur farmers because they are humane, safe and economically Move to viable livelihoods, ”said Swabe. “Harness was never going to be a happy ending for the fur tapping 60 million minks a year, but stopping the animals altogether would be the best way for the fickle craze of future fashion.”

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