Major changes to Destiny 2 in December updates, including the new Masterworks weapon class


As promised, Bungie has provided details on where Destiny 2 is headed. Since the release, there have been complaints from the hardcore fan base about the lack of a true final game and Bungie's poor communication, among other things. Today's advance, which took the place of a canceled Curse of Osiris broadcast, is intended to address much of this.

Affirming that Bungie needs to be "more open," director Luke Smith and project leader Chris Barrett said the studio's plans to refocus their efforts on serving players who want to enjoy the game in the long term: Looking to the future, Destiny 2's systems, features and game updates have been specifically designed to focus and support players who want Destiny to be their hobby: the game they return to and a game in which they make friends. Destiny is a game that adapts to your life, giving you reasons to log in and play with your friends, clans and families.The fate is to be a world you want to be part of. "

Bungie described his plans for two updates next month that will begin this process. The first one is December 5, along with Curse of Osiris, and the next December 12. The objectives of the study for these patches are as follows: "Deepen the rewards for advanced players, provide more control by the player on obtaining rewards, adding things to use them, provide general quality corrections whenever possible." [19659004] Without legend ” src=”” data-width=”1280″/>

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In the December 5 update, new armor trims will be added for "some" existing armor. This will allow you to get a new look for your equipment without affecting your Shaders or Mods. The armor sets will have a set of objectives to complete, and by doing so the ornaments of your entire account will be unlocked. These sets will have Ornaments in Season 2, which begins on December 5:

  • Vanguard Faction Armor
  • Crucible Faction Armor
  • Armor Tests of Nine
  • Iron Flag Armor [19659013] Dead Orbit Armor
  • Future War Cult Armor
  • New Armor Monarch
  • Raid Lair Armor World Fighter

Also on December 5 there will be changes in how the Banshee mods are acquired. Rare Modifications can be dismantled for the Armorer Materials and "have the opportunity to produce Legendary Quality Modification Components". Banshee will also sell specific legendary modifications, including kinetic weapons. The alignment will change daily, and the price will be a combination of legendary fragments and modified components. In addition, Master Rahool will sell Legendary Engrams, which will be a way to obtain Masterpiece (more information on the following). Reputation tokens will now be obtained in greater quantity and in more ways, although the amount of reputation required to obtain an Engram will also increase.

The most important changes occur in the December 12 update. Bungie will present Masterworks versions of legendary weapons; they track and show your deaths with that weapon (and can be configured to show Crucible or total eliminations), create orbs to ensure multiple killings, and have weapon statistics bonuses that are "randomly selected from a small group and can return to roll up "That part is particularly important, since a common complaint is that duplicate weapons are really useless in the current game.

Masterpieces can be obtained through drops once you reach 250 power level or Legendaries can be updated in them. To achieve the latter, you can dismantle Masterworks to obtain materials that you will then use to improve a Legendary property. Bungie notes that the weapons of Raid and Trials of the Nine have a "very high chance" of falling as masterpieces. It also states that there are plans for Masterworks versions of other types of equipment, and to add more ways to display their death counts, such as on the kill Crucible screen.

The December 12 update also introduces the option to purchase faction armor and weapons for legendary fragments and faction tokens from "the majority" of faction providers. The selection will always include each armor slot, while the weapons will rotate weekly (for the Factions that offer them). These different spaces will unlock as you claim Engram rewards for each Faction, and everything you have previously won will count to unlock these.

Finally, Xur will have new items on offer weekly. Fated Engrams can be purchased for legendary fragments and will be deciphered in Exotics that you do not own, and there will be a new Three of Coins item to purchase with legendary fragments. This Three of Coins will be easier to use than the first game; here, they will simply give a boost to exotic drop-out rates from all sources for four hours. Zavala and Shaxx will sell some new items, and – in perhaps the most welcome change of all – sellers will only have a notification icon when in fact you have enough tokens to get an Engram.

Bungie's publication also provided details about the recent Destiny 2 XP controversy, promising to make more changes. He also reiterated his promise to communicate more effectively, saying: "In the future, we plan to continue this dialogue in the most open and frequent way possible, this will be a continuous process, but with which we are committed." The developer also plans to launch a podcast this week where he will discuss more about the status of Destiny 2. There is no exact date for when that comes, but in the meantime, you can see some new maps of Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Crucible, or see the list full of the changes announced in the December updates and beyond here.

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