Maine on Wednesday reported a record 551 new cases of COVID-19

Maine is reporting a record-high 551 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, after the first Maine people, a front-line health care worker, were the first to receive the vaccine in Maine.

Wednesday topped 500 in first-day cases, with 400 daily cases less than two weeks after Maine on the first day, with 425 on 4 December.

The seven-day daily average was at 409.3 on Wednesday, compared to 329.7 a week ago and 177.3 a month ago.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention also reported two additional deaths. Since the epidemic began, Maine has reported 17,311 cases of COVID-19, and 267 deaths.

Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah will brief the media at 2 pm today.

Health officials said Kayla Mitchell, a nurse at the Maine Medical Center, was probably the first person from Maine to receive the vaccine on Tuesday morning, but thousands would soon follow.

“I trust science and believe in how it is safe for critically ill patients to receive the vaccine,” Mitchell said on Tuesday. “I’ve seen enough. People get scared and they end up alone. It is ending and it is relentless. “

It is expected to receive approximately 75,000 doses of both Pfizer and Modern vaccines by the end of December, with delivery to the ropes in 2021. It is difficult to predict if the vaccine will be widely available to the general public, but it may happen early this spring or early summer, public health experts say, depending on how easily delivery and mass vaccination programs Go from

Dentists and dental hygienists are working voluntarily to be part of the group that vaccinates the general public once in 2021 to supply the vaccine. State officials said they appreciated the proposal and were considering what would be needed next year.

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