Maihar knocks media with looting, rioting: ‘I am not down’

“Real Time” host Bill Maihar blasted the media on Friday night, claiming that he offered various justifications for looting and rioting amid civil unrest in cities across the country.

During the panel segment of the show, Mehr began with a warning pointing to “madness out there”, the “controversial book” In Defense of Looting, which was given the spotlight by NPR and “a lot of articles in the press” The same feelings were echoing.

Maihar explained that “in binary times,” the “fringe” would always be associated with one party or the other, later insisting that this time around, Democrat Joe Biden would have to wear “booty on his back in the election because” Is being done on the left.

His panelists disagreed, arguing that Biden was handling the unrest issue very well and that the issue is actually harming President Trump.

But none of that mehr did an odor test.

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“What about the property destruction issue?” Maihar asked. He said that some defenders of the loot justified the destruction because it was not an attack or murder, and that the property was a “replacement”.

“I’m not down with this ‘on the property table’, because we can just take because things aren’t right. To me, that’s not the way to solve our problems – by throwing a brick through a window.” ”

“But where is this widespread destruction of property happening right now?” Writer Jessica Yellin, a former CNN reporter, asked in an effort to reduce the violence.

“Where is this widespread destruction of property right now?”

– Jessica Yellin, former CNN correspondent

“Do you watch the news?” Maihar replied.

“If you look at Portland, it’s two square blocks!” Yellin doubled, saying other examples, such as Kelosa, Wis, “moments of protest that we have throughout our history.”

“Do you watch the news?”

– Bill Maihar

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Maihar pushed Yelin back, saying, “There is a scene in the media – please, I know you’ve seen it – don’t look at me like I’m making it, that it’s somehow a justified approach.” . ”

“Isn’t this part of the protest?” Yellin asked.

“So you’re part of it. You believe it,” Maher told him. “I saw this man in Papa John’s franchise, screaming through his broken glass, ‘You’re going to elect Trump and I’m just trying to feed my family!’ I don’t think their attitude is like ‘C’est la vie! It’s just property!’

Another panelist, Vanity Fair columnist Peter Hamby, admitted that “campus thinking” has accelerated “national press” and “Democratic politics”.

Maher later defended Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Who was harassed by protesters outside the White House despite attempts to pass his police reform bill known as Breta Taylor, as well as a dinner decorated by protesters .

“You are allowed to have dinner!” Maihar landed. “I can eat dinner and still be down with reason!”

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Yellin later mentioned the subject of the robbery as a “sideshow” in the election, a comment that appeared to strike a nerve with the “real time” host.

“It could be a sideways unless it’s your business that has been wiped out,” Maher shot back. “I mean, if it’s your business, it’s not a sideways.”