Mai Shiranui finally gets her the King of Fighters 15 gameplay trailer by beating up her boyfriend

So, wasn’t he Mr. Big after all?

SNK has been on a streak for several weeks and now reveals new characters for The King of Fighters 15, but they have finally returned to give fans a closer look at a mainstay of the series that will certainly make people happy.

As I’m sure everyone already guessed from this morning’s silhouette, Mai Shiranui is the latest character to receive her full gameplay trailer, although she is apparently not the last member of the Women’s Fighting Team as many had predicted.

Like most of the returning cast, Mai’s players will likely feel right at home in KOF15 and most of her moves and specials seem to work the same way they did in the last entry, only with a new graphical overhaul.

Ryuuenbu, fan throws, Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi, Musasabi no Mai, Chou Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi, and Kagerou no Mai are among his returning specials and supers, though he’s shown to have a new replacement for his Climax.

Your Slide is back too, and this time it’s cancellable too.

Many had presumed that Mai would be the final member of the Women Fighters team, but since there was no confirmation at the end of the trailer as was the case with Hero, Fatal Fury, and Sacred Treasures, this probably means that the original group is not. putting the band back together after all.

Mai, King and Yuri formed the first women’s team in ’94, though they would only appear fighting together a handful of more times and the last one in KOF13.

The team of female wrestlers has been among those in the series with the most changes between innings. While Mai and King have routinely remained constant members over the years, Yuri has come and gone between them and the Art of Fighting team, which has opened the door for other members in the past, including Blue Mary, May Lee Jinju, Kasumi Todoh. , Hinako Shijou, Alice Nakata, and Li Xiangfei.

Image # 1 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 2 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 3 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 4 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 5 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 6 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 7 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 8 from Mai's gameplay trailer

Image # 9 of Mai's gameplay trailer

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With King and Mai being the most consistent members over the years, the apparent disconfirmation likely means that Yuri has a much better chance of being in Team Art of Fighting again alongside Ryo and Robert, although neither of them have been confirmed in this. moment.

That also opens the door for former members to rejoin the ranks, or perhaps SNK will follow the pattern of pairing veterans with a newcomer rookie as we just saw on KOF14 with Alice.

Mai was one of the characters featured in the trailer for KOF15’s initial announcement, where K ‘and Leona remain the only fighters who have yet to receive her attention.

You can check out the trailer for the game below, and we’ve also included the official high-res screenshots of Mai from SNK above in the gallery.


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