Magnificent, Delicious: Adam Sandler finally returned to 'SNL'


There was an incredible cognitive dissonance to see one of Saturday night liveThe most famous cast members of the 90s are presented to the host (for the first time!) In 2019 and they give us jokes about game of Thrones and President Trump and Kevin Durant (maybe!) going to the Knicks. There was also an undeniable joy, happy without complications.

There it was: Adam Sandler, Sandman, with another imminent Netflix movie to promote (co-starring Jennifer Aniston!) And his selection of several dozen of Clinton's indelible era SNL characters to repeat With the apologies to Canteen Boy, Opera Man was absolutely the right choice as a callback during what might not be Sandler's last concert, on the premise of the bit: Sandler dresses up like an opera singer and talk about the news with an Olive Garden accent. -It's just stupid enough to be timeless.

Let's say you can still make an auction like "Kentucky Derby very fast-One / One in the first and one in the last o / Horse winner is magnificent / Losing horse is delicious"Let's just say that" Grope-a grope-a / Sniff-a sniff-a "is a transcendentally childish opening line to the song that Joe Biden deserves. They are afraid to challenge with Putin makes me his beetchI'm glad it was him. Everything was absurd, a little disturbing and extremely large. "A long time since I've been around, ah," moaned the Opera Man climatically. "Twenty-four years and 24 pounds-ah."


Sandler was fired from SNL (Along with Chris Farley!) In 1995 and became a critically-critical movie star; Opera Man also included a bit about the new romcoms of Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen Long shot, and how his premise of "Pretty lady / Goofy man-ah" seemed terribly familiar to me. (Rogen was excited.) In fact, Sandler's monologue consisted of a song called, presumably, "I Was Fired", with appearances by Chris Rock (also fired!) And Pete Davidson (keep trying!), And a final verse that says the next:

They fired me they fired me
NBC said it was over
Then I won over $ 4 billion at the box office.
So I guess you could say that I won

For those millennials (and younger!) Who are not immersed in the pop culture tradition of the 90s and who, therefore, could only meet Sandler as the guy who makes Netflix films of colossally polarizing, Saturday At night it must have been a bit confusing. The guy is 52 years old, to begin with. ("I should have gone back to the program before it was HD," he acknowledged last week in Late at night with Seth Meyers.) And stripped of any context, it has the feeling of coldness but volatile of that distinct edge of SNL where there is a three percent chance that he or she will forget the name of the musical guest when presenting the musical guest. (Shawn Mendes did a reworked version of "In My Blood" with four chelos; Sandler nailed the introduction on both occasions.

In this way, the episode was divided between the usual and cheerful approach of the program for current events (the open cold was a Avengers vs. game of Thrones edition of Family dispute that showed Leslie Jones delivering the line "Bitch, I'm Groot") and a total nostalgia. (A work was a "Sandler family reunion" which consisted of several cast members, and Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon, who took impressions of their various characters from hit movies. Basically, to make the most of this episode, you had to be old enough for all of this to happen. , way, beyond your bedtime. Your reward was seeing a 52-year-old kid joking about CNN war zone reporters who use Snapchat filters, and still you're like a majestic, 14-year-old boy.

The episode as a whole was far from perfect: it included an early and spectacularly unfunny music video for a song about how "Clothes are a hole" in which Sandler somehow supplanted Slash and Axl Rose simultaneouslyBut, nevertheless, it was a reminder of how perfect it always was for this show. You can play less if you really need it: the best play that was not exchanged for past glories highlighted Sandler as a tour operator in Italy who makes a great effort to remind depressed people that they will still be depressed During the holidays in Italy. ("The photos you are going to have in them".) But as always, Sandler makes more sense the more noisy, the crazier and the more foolish he gets everything that surrounds him, that is, at a given moment, Kate McKinnon was Squirting Windex in her mouth at a bar while kissing with Kristen Wiig. (Wiig's mandate in SNL of course, it did not overlap with Sandler's at all, but who's complaining?) Impressively, given the quarter-century of history involved, he returned a conquering hero, but with the chops of a veteran (and of all time) that he had never left at all.

And for his final act on Saturday night, he did something even more surprising.

Hello, snl police made me cry?

– Bethy Squires (@BethyBSQU) May 5, 2019

Specifically, Sandler sang a hairy and phenomenally tender song about Chris Farley, his old co-star and a very deceased friend. (His pretty good comedy Netflix 2019 special 100% Cool peaks with the same melody.) It was a disarmingly beautiful moment, that seemed improvised and deeply sincere, a tribute with tears in the eyes that captured the comedy and tragedy of one of the most famous members of the cast of the 90s. "After a show, he would drink a liter of Jack Daniel's and put the bottle in his bad," sang Sandler, a phrase that always makes people laugh, and it always hurts, too.

It was moving on one level SNL almost never comes close; the whole episode was, in fact, given the inimitable combination of veteran experts and Sandler's challenge forever. I was happy to be there in a way that made you even happier to see him there. "For my wife and children, I am glad that you have witnessed that," he said. Announced during his farewells.. "Because I loved it here, man."

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