Magic: the Gathering Arena available for iOS, Android soon, with crossover play for PC

The full release of Magic: The Gathering Sand It will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play on Thursday, March 25. Digital adaptation of the original Magic: The Gathering card game It has been available on PC platforms since 2019 and entered early access for Android devices in January of this year.

Sand is a genuine version of the original card game, and includes all the complexity and combinations that make the game so deep and elaborate. The card games in this digital version of the game keep pace with the release of physical card games. That means players can fill their decks with the same cheats, cheats, and powerful minions available in the tabletop version. Players build their decks from card sets awarded to each player in the free game and complete them with booster packs that are available to purchase in the app.

The mobile version of Sand it has touch controls, of course, but otherwise it’s the same as the PC and Mac versions of the game. Most importantly, it will feature cross-play with those other platforms. During the pandemic, Sand has become an invaluable way of keeping local gamer communities together and has become the official digital home for Friday Night Magic, a long-standing tradition in which fans flock to local game stores for games. friendlies or more formal tournaments.

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