Magic Johnson retires from the Lakers after 2 years of immeasurable success

What a crazy night in the NBA. Dwyane Wade played his last home game, scoring 30 in a win in Miami, as the Heat were eliminated from the playoff contest due to outside action. Dirk Nowitzki confirmed to the fans that he will retire at the end of the season and scored 30 in a victory for the Mavericks in Dallas. Hell, even Jamal Crawford, who has not said he retires but did not even have a team until opening night and sits on the precipice of retirement, got 51 magic points at 38 at the end of the Suns' season .

But, of course, all this was overshadowed by the surprising resignation of a legend from the main office: the Lakers & # 39; Magic Johnson.

Johnson held an impromptu press conference before the end of the Lakers season, and declared that he would resign as president of basketball operations and that it would take effect immediately. This really came as a surprise to everyone. Magic did not tell the owner of the Lakers franchise, Jeannie Buss, what was going to happen. in a supposed three-hour conversation on Monday, nor did he tell the news with his deputy Rob Pelinka, LeBron James, Luke Walton or anyone else. He directly told reporters that they ran recorders and Twitter before telling someone directly with the Lakers.

That's when you know you're a legend: when you write your own rules.

Thus ends a truly incredible era of basketball for the Lakers with Johnson in the reins.

Johnson stated that the mission had been accomplished, that the Lakers were back on the right track and that he would not have resigned if that were not the case. Basically, he said "you're welcome" to a base of fans of the Lakers that surely is grateful. LEGEND.

He said Twitter wives imposed by the absurd NBA manipulation rules were a legitimate reason to abandon the Lakers. LEGEND.

The fact that Johnson resigned when None I was talking about firing him, basically no precedent for a leader of the NBA's head office, outside perhaps Jerry West. LEGEND.

Despite the unorthodox nature of Johnson's announcement, telling the world that he is quitting his job, his boss fired his brother to give him before talking to him face to face, wooo brother – the Lakers and the Buses sprang from Johnson in the wake of, refusing to feed any negativity generated by "conventions" and "norms". This is the way the Lakers thank you. This is the only franchise that could comprehend the very specific flavor of Johnson's genius and the eccentricities that go with it. You can not lock up a furious bull, and you can not force Magic Johnson to act as a normal general manager.

In greeting to the legends, the NBA will change forever by: Wade, Nowitzki, Crawford and basketball operations president Magic Johnson. We will remember your immense contributions to the game.


Hornets 124, Gentlemen 97
Grizzlies 93, Pistons 100
Celts 116, Magicians 110
Sixers 99, Heat 122
Knicks 96Bulls 86
Raptors 120, Timberwolves 100
Warriors 112, Pelicans 103
Suns 109, Mavericks 120
Nuggets 108, Jazz 118
Rocket 111, Thunder 112
Blazers 104, Lakers 101


Last night of the regular season. All the times of the east. Games in League Pbad unless otherwise indicated.

Pacers in Hawks, 8
Heat in the networks, 8
Magic in Hornets, 8, ESPN
Pistons in Knicks, 8
Bulls in Sixers, 8
Warriors in the Grizzlies, 8
Thunder in Bucks, 8
Mavericks in Spurs, 8
Timberwolves in Nuggets, 10:30
Jazz at Clippers, 10:30, ESPN
Kings in Blazers, 10:30

Golf course

I when I started session on Tuesday night and saw what was happening in the NBA.

It's really hard to mentally process everything that Johnson's resignation eclipsed on Tuesday. But perhaps the most critical development was that the Pistons dropped by 22 to the Grizzlies, and then led Andre Drummond to a big comeback victory to maintain control of his destiny. If Detroit had lost that game, the Hornets could have secured the last spot in the Eastern playoffs with a win over Orlando on Wednesday. Instead, the Pistons can claim the spot with a win on Wednesday over the sinking Knicks or a Charlotte loss. Both games are programmed for 8 ET. How good would it be if the Pistons saw their opponent 20 or more points again?

Anthony Davis was wearing a T-shirt that said "That's it for everyone!" In his last game at home as Pelican.. F — legend. Alvin Gentry was also quite frank in L'Affair AD after the game.

Murder return of the Thunder against his rival Houston last night, too.

Miami Fans "Paul Pierce stinks" at the end of the Heat game. Amazing.

The Paul Flannery award ballot has Giannis Antetokounmpo No. 1 for both MVP and Defensive Player of the Year.

The obsessive daily routine of Antetokounmpo.

I wrote about how the draft of the lottery reform worked … for now.

Michael Pina on the eternal importance of Kyle Lowry.

And finally: Dwyane Wade's announcement, friends, is emotionally brutal and perfect.

Be excellent with each other.

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