Maggie of Fair the Walking Dead talks to Grace Al’s big ‘sacrifice’

Coleman: I think you have to go deeper, which is a beautiful thing. There was also something about this episode that I directed with Maggie and Austin. I think you get for their inner lives and you also have these private moments. Like when the idea of ​​the end of Maggie on the roof – like, you get the part that is not in response to anyone else. It’s just the audience and that character many times. So I think you get those moments too much, and I think you get a little more breathing room. Because, you know, in these group dynamic scenes, you’re just going, going, going with the action. You don’t even get a moment to sit down and really just hang out with someone and drink beer and chat. right? [Laughs.] So I enjoyed these episodes. I am talking to people more. I’m not like, ‘Point, point, go!’ I am sitting and there is actually a conversation happening, which I think as an actor, that is really fulfilling. I think we all love the action sequences and stuff, but I know that any actor worth a pinch of salt likes moments where you can just go deeper with the character and the story.

Maggie: It kind of feels a little more powerful. Because it really draws the audience inside, and we are not relying as much on external environmental impact. Yes, I mean, you do it, Colman. I find it more enjoyable as an actor. I love the action stunt stuff, but there is an energy when you just work with more difference.

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