Magalam Lord Marriage Candidates introduced in a new trailer

D3 publisher released a new Magalam Bhagwan The trailer that focuses on the marriage system and takes a look at potential candidates. As one of the last Demon Lords, it is important to find a suitable soul for the hero Kiljirk.

Check it out Magalam Bhagwan Love Interest Trailer Below:

Both demon lords and heroes are classified by the government as an endangered species. Killijirk needs to find a marriage partner to suppress his “soul hunger”. Meanwhile, a hero can awaken his real power in the same way by defeating a demon. We still don’t know why a hero would partner with a demon, but there appear to be greater mutual benefits to do so that we’ll learn at a later date.

Magalam Bhagwan The trailer introduces several wedding candidates: Darius, Charm, MOAV, Geet, and Akalua. Before the bottleneck actually occurs, you will need to increase the bond between Kilzigar and a partner. This would include taking potential partners out for a fight and going on dates. The game will also have a weapon crafting system.

Magalam Bhagwan Will be released in Japan on March 18, 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A localization has not yet been announced.

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