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Made by Google 2019: Pixel 4, Home, watch, Nest Cam

According to a report this morning from a reputable Japanese newspaper. Nikkei, the hardware line Made by Google for 2019 is practically what we expected: there is an economic pixel just around the corner, a Google Pixel 4 premium in the works, a new Google Home, a first-person smart watch and a new Nest Cam. .

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The report details many things that we already knew for the most part, but declares them as part of the plan for this year. with almost certainty by "industry sources". On the one hand, the publication reiterates many previous reports and rumors that, yes, a budget of Google Pixel 3 "Lite" will be launched this year, which will undermine the price of the iPhone XR.

Google's new smartphone will be its first non-premium model aimed at price-sensitive customers and those in emerging markets. It is expected to be priced lower than Apple's cheapest iPhone, the XR, which starts at $ 749.

Android policeDavid Ruddock previously reported that Google Pixel 3 "Lite" and Google Pixel 3 XL "Lite" will be launched on Verizon in the United States "this spring."

Although it's easy to assume considering that we've seen a new Google home page every year since 2016 (not to mention the evidence we've uncovered in relation to a larger Google Home Hub), the report says that it will launch "a version updated "of the Google homepage this year. It is not clear if this means a "second generation" of the home page of Google Home or a new homepage in its entirety.

The company will also release an updated version of its signature smart speaker, Google Home, this year, as well as a new smart watch to compete with the Apple Watch, said the person familiar with the plan.

The highly anticipated Pixel Watch will also finally see its debut this year. The notorious escape Evan Blass said last year that Pixel Watch was scheduled to launch at the Google 2018 hardware event, but that was not successful. Our sources have said that the watch was planned to be released last year, but it was delayed.

Finally, the report says that a person with "direct knowledge of the matter" said that Google also plans to renew its Nest Cam line. 9to5Google reported earlier this year that Google is working on a brand change of Nest after its integration into the Google hardware team.

A person with direct knowledge of the matter told Nikkei that Google plans to launch a new security camera later this year after he has integrated the Nest Labs team, the technology startup he acquired in 2014. Nest Labs has been building cameras of security for domestic use since 2015.

This is just the beginning of the rumor cycle for Made by Google's 2019 hardware line, so stay tuned as things develop. The growth of Google Pixel's main line and its fourth iteration this year is enough to excite itself, but it seems that Google will not take a year off in its increasingly broad line of other products.

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