Madavo breaks away from the White House and talks about why Trump was taken to Walter Reed Hospital

Hosting “The Rachel Madavo Show” on MSNBC was able to come to a fascinating conclusion following the new report of President Donald Trump’s visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in November.

Reporting at the time said the trip was “unusual” and “last minute scheduled”.

“Here’s something we don’t even know yet,” Madavo said. “In November, you may remember a slight health scare or at least a number of health questions about President Trump. It was a Saturday afternoon in mid-November and President Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center . ” It was an unannounced visit, it was a surprise, it led to a lot of questions that could be wrong for the President which could lead to a hasty visit. ”

“The White House later concocted some strange story about how a sudden, unannounced visit to Walter Reed had been a long-planned stretch of the president’s annual physical and that he was doing it a little bit as if there were material things that could happen. Episodes during the season or something, “she joked. “It was very strange, that’s not how physicals work.”

“Those who have worked in the White House say that the White House Medical Office is so equipped that the White House medical staff can handle everyone on site, but without the president the most serious incidents ever occur from White to campus Cannot be transported. Home to the hospital, “she reported. “But he had run away. What was that all about?”

He said that the upcoming book Donald Trump vs. the United States: Inside the Struggle in a President a President Further report on the mystery by Michael Schmidt.

Madavo described how Vice President Mike Pence was “in office” when Trump needed general anesthesia at Walter Reed.

He reported that, “Whatever it was, it was serious enough that the vice president was warned on standby, that the president should be under general anesthesia, which would introduce Mike Pence to become president temporarily.”

“And to clarify, this is not something that happens when you go for your physical segment,” Madavo said. “If you have to go under general anesthesia to have a physical relationship, no one will have an annual physical.”