Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be the only TV event, without a live procession

The iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade won’t take place this year because of the risk of the Korean virus – instead, viewers will be able to feel the emotion and joy of that day on television and online, New York City Mayor Bill Blasio said Monday.

“One of the most beloved events every year is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I always want to express my appreciation to everyone for Messi. They are exceptionally civic-minded. … We saw that on July 4 What a wonderful firework display. ”, De Blasio said at a press conference.

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“They are doing the same thing again with the Thanksgiving Parade. This will not be the same parade we are using. It will be a different kind of event. They are re-organizing the event for the moment in history . ” he said.

The parade said in a statement that the tradition dates back to 1924 and will be revised for television audiences for the first time in more than 90 years of history.

Sponge Square Pants & amp; Gary Balloon makes his way down Sixth Avenue during Messy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York on Thursday, November 28, 2019. (AP Photo / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

“This year the celebration will shift to television for a special presentation only, featuring Messi’s parade’s signature blend of the holiday season’s arrival with giant character helium balloons, spectacular floats, street performers, clowns and the same-as-Santa Claus. As indicated., “The company said in a statement.

Thanksgiving falls on 26 November this year.

The traditional 2.5-mile parade route starting near Central Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side will not be used. Instead, the tableaux will be staged at Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan and vehicles will be secured instead of participants holding ropes.

Out-of-state marching bands will have to wait until 2021 to participate, and local music artists will replace them. The total number of participants will be 75% less than last year, Massey said, and those who participate will be socially deformed and wear face masks.

Wednesday’s balloon inflation event has been canceled.

The three-hour program, which Messi says typically has 3.5 million viewers in New York City and more than 50 million viewers on television, will still be aired on NBC at 9 pm ET.

“We know this city has a long way to go, and we are going to be smart and cautious with our every move … to make sure we get back, but we can safely return Come, “De Blasio said.

“There are some things we still can’t do. We still can’t do the kind of big celebrations that are some of the high points this year,” he continued. “There will be parades and major community events in general in any given year. Those kinds of things will still have to wait. We’re very much looking forward to coming back in 2021.”

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Several major public events, including both Republican and Democratic conventions, had to be withdrawn this summer due to coronovirus risks.

Fox News’s questioning of Macy was not immediately returned.

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