Macy’s 2020 Thanksgiving Day Parade: How to see and what it will look like

The Jenny-O turkey balloon replaced will have its way through the parade.

Courtesy Massey

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Thank you 2020 will look different in many ways, and includes the traditional Messi’s Thanksgiving parade. But the holiday will be fantastic, and it will still be broadcast on live TV, so home chefs can tune in while preparing their hunt. Socially distant turkey dinners. Here’s how to follow, and what to do this year.

What has changed

Messi has partnered with New York City in an effort to make this year’s parade safer, without seeing a spectacle.

“To avoid gathering large crowds of spectators along our traditional 2.5-mile route in New York City, we shortened the route to focus solely on the final segment of our annual march, a representative for the company,” Have given. Said in a statement. “On Thanksgiving Day, we will showcase our annual festive signature balloons, floats, demonstrations and heralds on the arrival of Santa Claus in front of Macy’s famous flagship store on 34th Street for our national television special with NBC.”

In other words, don’t go to the store, New Yorker – stay home and watch balloons and swim on TV or online.

The company is reducing the number of participants, testing them for COVID-19 and performing pre-recordings typically going live. Participants will wear masks and social distances, student marching bands will not join this year, and there will be no annual Thanksgiving Eve Balloon-Inflation Festival.

Balloons with signature giant character will still be selected, but instead of being flown by 80 to 100 human handlers, they will be flown by special vehicles that include fewer people.

Monkey balloon macys crop

Business of the monkey at Messi’s Parade.

Courtesy Massey

See what

So pikachu

Got Catch in Em: Viewers will see a group of Pikachu and giant Pikachu balloon dances. And there is a specific reason for all the Pikachu obsession, but the Pokemon Company Not saying what it is Until the parade begins. This is the 20th consecutive year when a Pikachu balloon will be part of the parade.


Pikachu will take to the skies once this year.

Free company

Best of broadway

Do not throw your shot. It will feature artists from the blockbuster musical Hamilton as well as other music, including Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of The Temptations, Jagged Little Pill and Mean Girls. Radio City Rockets will also perform.

Two-way holiday-movie floats

There are many devoted fans of Lifetime Holiday films, and the network is participating in the parade for the first time this year. Its float resembles an attractive small town square, such as has been seen in many films and has enough (fake, we think) snow to make 9,000 snowballs. Tori Kelly will perform on the float.

But maybe you like Hallmark Channel holiday movies? The network offers a float that resembles the 3-D Christmas Countdown calendar, each marked December date, the central chimney and the surprise behind the performance by Pentatonix.

Meet new boss

The 2010 book, the 2017 film and the 2018 Netflix series will feature business-friendly boss Baby with his big head and serious parade to the parade. That will be a new balloon this year, which will soon get publicity for the planned 2021 big-screen sequel The Boss Baby: Family Business.

Tom and Jerry

Coming in 2021 is a combination live-action / animated Tom and Jerry film, which allows for an epidemic. The famous fighting cat and mouse is a comedic float in the parade this year. In keeping with the couple’s history of slaps, their float is designed to look as if it happened in an accident and has a gag where Tom inflates. Meowza!

Tom and Jerry-Macys Crop

Tom and Jerry’s father are seen plotting something.

Courtesy Massey

How and when to watch

The parade will air on NBC on Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon in all time zones.

You can also watch online. Sponsor will have a live-streamed show on Verizon Twitter And the YouTube company encourages fans to tweet relevant family photos that use the hashtags #VerizonLive and #MacysParade to join the livestream.

If you look at your mobile device, you can view the parade portal for a 360-degree view of the show.

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