Macron urges Europe to ‘build our freedom’ from America

French President Emanuel Macron said that EU nations should continue efforts to be independent of the US in the field of defense and finance even after the presidential election. Joe BidenJoe Bidenobaama: US opponents see us weak ‘US sees 1M new coronovirus cases a week GOP Biden shows limited appetite to pursue investigation Assumes office.

According to Bloomberg, Macron in the French policy magazine Le Grand Continent said, “If we are making the most profit then the US will only respect us as allies, and if we are sovereign with respect to our defense.” “We need to continue building our freedom for ourselves.”

Macron allegedly cited the US dollar’s position as a worldwide reserve currency, which he left at an economic disadvantage in a disagreement over the Iran nuclear deal, which the US terminated in 2018.

The French president has often protested that Europe should lead independent defense and the formulation of foreign policies. He said last year that EU countries are more dependent on the US and NATO, adding that the latter was experiencing “brain death”.

In the new interview, Macron also emphasized the claim of German Defense Minister Anegret Kramp-Karrenbauer that what the US was doing to maintain European security was incompetent.

“This is a historical misinterpretation,” he said, according to Bloomberg. “Luckily, if I understood things correctly, [German Chancellor Angela Merkel] Does not share this viewpoint. “

In the same interview, Macron addressed the logical hurdles to roll out a coronavirus vaccine within the European Union.

“There is going to be ‘vaccine diplomacy’, that is to say that everybody wants to wave their flag and say: ‘I get it,” he told the publication.

Bloomberg said the US, Russia and China also cited countries as “not wanting to get on board”, publicly considering the vaccine as good.


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