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Macron calls “illegal” Donald Trump’s tariff decision

(WASHINGTON) – French President Emmanuel Macron believes that the US decision to impose tariffs on the European Union is "illegal" and an "error".

Macron said he deplores the action of the United States and that he plans to speak with President of the United States, Donald Trump, later on Thursday telling him that.

The French president said that the tariff measure is not in line with the international trade law to which the United States, France and Europe have subscribed. He stressed that there would be a European response.

Macron, who was the first foreign leader invited by Trump to a state visit, said the decision of the president of the United States. UU It is an error because it creates an economic and commercial nationalism.

He ominously recalled the period before the Second World War that said: "Economic nationalism leads to war … This is exactly what happened in the 1930s"

The head of the World Trade Organization expresses a "very real concern" for the increase in commercial tensions and the risk of escalation.

The comments of the Director General Roberto Azevedo enter the root of the commercial sanctions of EE. UU on imported steel and aluminum.

But he says that the global trading system "was built to solve these problems in a way that prevents further escalation."

The European Union says it plans to take its case If that happens, the 28-nation EU would join China and India to activate the WTO dispute settlement mechanism on US trade sanctions.

Switching to the WTO would give the EU a second response to tariffs. $ 1.6 billion in retaliation against US assets, including steel, orange juice, motorcycles and bourbon whiskey, is already prepared.

WTO procedures could open the door to new sanctions and increase pressure on Washington, although the process has traditionally taken many months. cases, years.


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