Macario and Purce open USWNT accounts, while Mewis’s injury sour routine wins over Columbia

The US went on to win two out of two for the start of 2021, with the first pair getting the first and last goal in the game

The US women’s national team easily defeated Colombia 6–0 on Friday night in Orlando, winning 4–0 on the same opponent on Monday.

The sports pair closed the team’s January camp, which tried to watch USWNT with a full force to impress head coach Vladko Andonowski ahead of the Olympics this summer in Tokyo (the tournament should proceed).

Here are the three biggest takeaways from the match at Exploria Stadium on Friday.

Catarina Macario scored the first USWNT goal

The week marked the debut of Katrina Macario’s USWNT, which is, by all accounts, poised to become the team’s next major star. The Brazilian-born attacker, who recently signed with European power Leon straight from Stanford University, earned his first hat-trick before scoring his first national team goal in the third minute on Monday.

Megan Rapinoe said of the 21-year-old after Friday’s game, “Kat I think we’ve ever thought he’s a different kind of player. He’s a different No.9.” “He falls in a bit more, playing more like a false nine.

“Physically, he is already ready to be at this level and to be able to compete physically is a huge leap for a lot of people to move from college to this level.

“She is going to be one of the funniest players you love to watch – someone who is going to excite fans, someone who is going to come up with something creative or nutmeg.”

Sam Mavis injured

The United States feared as Sam Mevis collided with a Colombian defender midway into the second half. The Man City midfielder saw a significant amount of pain on the field after the ankle rolled under him. She was able to slowly move out of the field under her power before being seen on a bench wrapped with snow around her ankle.

Mavis has been stellar for USWNT and Man City. Rapinoe called him “the best player in our team right now” after the game, so any injury issues would be a major concern for the club and the country.

Andonowski said that Mewis would be examined after the match, noting that his high pain threshold made it difficult to determine his prognosis immediately.

“He’s very strong and very strict,” the USWNT coach said. “When we first asked [how she was] He said: ‘I’m fine, I’m fine,’ but we’re all doing exams and following all protocols to make sure he’s okay.

“She’s tough and we don’t know what ‘okay’ means in her world. Very soon we’re going to find out how she feels.”

Crystal Dun and Miz Pur in attack

Both Crystal Dunn and Miz Pur are natural attackers who have been moved to the defense with the USWNT. Dunn, most notably, transitioned from a dynamic attacking midfielder to a rock-solid left-back who competed during the USWNT’s 2019 World Cup.

The two players are clashing between the two for a chance to attack for America and on Friday night, forced Andonowski. In particular, Purse made headlines in the 86th minute with his header from Carly Lloyd’s cross, scoring his first USWNT goal.

“We know that Miz is a good forward,” Andonovsky said of a player who was mostly used as a right-back with the national team.

“Obviously we saw something about him that could help us or help him become a good fullback and we will continue to work as we go forward. But when we need to, we obviously She is very good and she showed that she can do something. Good work there. “

On Dunn, he said: “Krystal needs to be the most versatile player on the field. I really feel comfortable placing Krystal in any position on the field and I know he is going to meet the standard set.”


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