Mac M1 Users Report Excessive SSD Wear

If you have a new Mac M1, you probably think it will last for years and years, but some disturbing new data suggests that might not be the case. More than a few users report that the system is possibly overusing SSDs in Apple’s Mac M1s, which could cause them to wear out earlier than usual.

Twitter user @nunca_released started a thread showing a report of a Mac M1 with very high write counts for a computer that is only two months old. That prompted other M1 owners to run the same report, and many have found overuse too, including the Macworld columnist. Dan moren.

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SSDs are preferred over traditional hard drives because they are much faster, but SSDs have a limited lifespan. An SSD wears out every time you write to it and eventually the drive will have problems and will probably need to be replaced. However, this is supposed to take several years to happen, and macOS distributes writing to an SSD to extend its lifespan. Based on these readings, that could happen much earlier than expected.

There may be a bug in the reporting tool, but it is also possible that macOS is doing something to the SSD to cause these spikes. If so, it is concerning because the SSD drives in this new Mac are not user serviceable and cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

We reached out to Apple for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

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