Mac M1 SSD and RAM upgrades are possible after purchase

Technicians in China have reportedly managed to upgrade the memory and storage of the M1 chip, suggesting that Apple’s built-in custom silicon for Mac may be more flexible than previously thought.

new m1 chip

Reports began to circulate that maintenance technicians could expand the memory and storage of the Mac ‌M1‌ on Chinese social media over the weekend, but now international reports have started to clarify the situation.

Technicians in Guangzhou, China, have discovered that it is possible to disconnect the RAM from the ‌M1‌ chip and its nearby SSD module and replace them with higher capacity components, which are correctly recognized by macOS, without breaking the device.

M1 chip upgrade RAM

As proof, a large number of images have been updated showing the process from a base model ‌M1‌ MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, and this change is displayed correctly in macOS Big Sur. shared online.

The RAM and SSD components in Apple’s Macs ‌M1‌ are soldered in place, making the procedure extremely challenging and there is reportedly a high probability of failure. Without a doubt, this invasive unofficial update also violates Apple’s warranty.

m1 ram ssd chip upgrade

Apple has made it increasingly difficult for users to update their own Macs over the years, and the Mac ‌M1‌ was thought to represent a final solidification of this movement, with all the computing components of the Mac ‌M1‌ tightly physically integrated. The ability to upgrade the memory and storage of the Mac ‌M1‌, albeit an invasive and risky procedure, appears to be a significant discovery.

m1 ssd chip upgrade

Due to the difficulty of upgrading the RAM or SSD, almost all ‌M1‌ owners will likely still have to rely on the memory and storage configuration they chose at the point of purchase, and upgrades are limited to a minority of enthusiasts, although it has been so. suggested that the Mac ‌M1‌ memory and storage upgrades in Asia will be available through unofficial channels.

Mac ownersM1‌ owners may be interested to see if the process behind these updates refines over time and becomes a more viable option.


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