M1 Mac Mini does not activate connected displays, some owners complain

Some customers who have purchased a Mac mini M1 have experienced an issue that causes the machine not to wake a connected third-party display from sleep.

This is not an issue that affects all ‌M1‌ ‌Mac mini‌ owners, but there are numerous complaints about the MacRumors Apple’s forums and support communities dating back to November, when the ‌Mac mini se was first released. MacRumors the gooimac reader explains:

My ‌M1‌ (8gb / 256) ‌Mac mini‌ doesn’t seem to want to wake up my displays after being idle. I have tried it with 2 different displays with 2 different HDMI cables with the same on each. I am currently only using one at a time. I also noticed some pink squares / graphical glitches on the Big Sur login / login screen (with the colored background, not the black and white login)

MacRumors Reader Mike, who emailed us on the subject, has seen the same issues.

I have a new Mac Mini ‌M1‌ with 16GB of RAM running Big Sur 11.2.3 and every time the computer and screen go to sleep, the computer will not be able to wake up the screen.

Actually, “No Signal” appears on the screen after the Mini wakes up, so technically the computer wakes up the monitor but doesn’t send a video signal. The display is a 34 “LG Thunderbolt 4K Ultrawide. It activates well with my 2018 MacBook Pro, so there is nothing wrong with the display.

The only way I can get the Mini to send a signal to the screen is to unplug and plug the Thunderbolt cable back in. Sometimes repeatedly. This is obviously not an ideal solution.

This problem seems to be affecting a wide range of displays that connect via Thunderbolt, HDMI and DisplayPort adapters, but there are also many people who have no problem.

It’s unclear what the problem is, but Apple has been investigating a ‌M1‌ ‌Mac mini‌ display issue that causes strange pink squares to appear on displays connected to one of the machines.

Apple is aware of the problem, and there could be a fix in the works that will come in a future update. One solution for now may be to disable the feature that puts theMac miniac to sleep, but that’s not ideal. The other solution is to unplug and re-plug an unresponsive display after a ‌Mac mini‌ wakes up from sleep, but that is also an inelegant solution. There seems to be no other solution available at this time.


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