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Lyrics to illuminate the skies of April, how to see the oldest meteor shower?

The Lyrid meteor shower, the oldest known meteor shower, has existed for 2,700 years. Between April 16 and 25, it will pass through Earth and track the sky with bright shooting stars. ( Ye Aung Thu | AFP / Getty Images )

Every April of every year, Lyrids meteor shower throws a few fireballs into the sky and skywatchers can see this show spectacular beginning on April 16.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower is the oldest known meteor shower ever recorded. It was first observed in 687 BC or about 2,700 years ago.

This year, the shooting stars of Lyrids will be visible until April 25.

The oldest known meteor shower

The Lyrid meteorites are said to be remnants of the G1 Thatcher comet that was seen in the New York night sky on April 5, 1861, by astronomer AE Thatcher. In 1867, the German astronomer Gottfried Galle demonstrated the connection between Thatcher and the Lyrids meteors.

Annually, the Earth passes through the particles of the Lyrids near the Lyra constellation from April 14 to 30. When you look at the sky, the emerging point of the Lyrids is near Vega, one of the brightest stars during this time of year. Vega can be easily seen even in areas contaminated with light.

Lyrids is also known for its fast and bright meteors. When it reaches its peak, the Lyrids can track 18 meteors per hour, but the number of fireballs can reach up to 100. The light train of the meteors can be observed for a few seconds after it passes.

"The number of meteors can vary, and very rarely & # 39; storm & # 39 ;, but on a very dark and moonless night there are usually up to 20 good meteors per hour", advised NASA.

Historically, the most intense rains or outbursts of Lyrids were recorded in 1803 in Virginia, 1922 in Greece, 1945 in Japan, and 1982 in the USA. UU There have been outbursts of Lyric at intervals of 60 years. The next expected rain will be observed around 2042.

When and how to watch the lyrics

This year, the closest distance from the Earth to the particles of the Lyrids and Thatcher's orbit will be on the night of 21 or 22 April. The Lyrids meteor shower will reach its peak on those dates and is expected to produce between 15 and 20 meteors per hour.

The Lyrids are more visible to observers of the sky in the northern hemisphere. Those in the middle latitudes of the south can also see the rains between midnight and dawn.

If the weather permits, the best time to see shooting stars is after dusk and before dawn. It would be best to wait until the moon has set.

Astronomers say that in order to see the Lyrids, sky watchers should try to look to the east.

"Look for an area away from the lights of the city or street, come prepared with a sleeping bag, blanket or lawn chair. Lie on your back with your feet facing east and look up, taking as much of the sky as possible, after about 30 minutes in the dark, your eyes will adjust and you will start to see the meteors, "NASA said.

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