Lynn Boden trade ‘was a football decision’

The Las Vegas Raiders made a surprise move on the day of the cutdown, sending third-round pick Lynn Boden to a fourth-rounder in Miami with a sixth-round pick.

The decision to cut the bait on the third round pick was a setback given the bonus money already paid and the capital used. He also saw that the field was scarce before saying goodbye to an opening round.

However, Boden’s position had difficulty writing on it from the beginning. A former receiver turned quarterback was attempting to walk back to pro level. Combine an already difficult position switch with a stranded offseason program, no preseason game, and an awkward training camp, and this year was not conducive to such a move.

Despite a report out of Vegas that the Raiders were concerned with off-field issues, general manager Mike Maycock said Sunday that Bowden’s decision to trade was only to do with the crooks’ on-field play.

“No. 1, it was only a football decision,” Maycock said Sunday via Athletic. “The character, off-the-field, the child did nothing wrong. We did all our homework on getting the child off the field. He took the job with his tail. He came to work every day. So it’s all over Was a football decision by the way. ” It had nothing to do with anything else.

“Quite frankly, I think the change in status is a difficult one in any year, but it is exaggerated with no disrespect at COVID-19. You’re taking a kid who was a slot receiver in ’18 , A quarterback in ’19 and. To ask him to play back in ’20. Really the only thing I’m going to say about it is that it was my call. He wasn’t at the expected level today. Was able to play. Because of that we felt like it. A trick had to be done. Again, it’s 100 percent on me. ”

Boden reportedly did not see the explosives during the camp of the attackers and asked for a defense, which should not have happened unexpectedly given the position switch.

Maycock, who took the blame for the busted experiment, barely admitted switching the position of an athletic player. It is fair to blame COVID-19, but Maycock said given the apprehension of the issue that the draft had already been changed and at that time it was possible to see that a lot of offshin program was going to change. True, they may not have guessed that the preseason had been wiped out, but we knew it was not a normal offense.

In the end, the Raiders deciding it was not worth hanging Bowden to give him more time to talk loudly. The best teams admit their mistakes and move on. We would see if Make and Raiders were correct in their assessment that Boden would not fit on RB.

The Dolphins reportedly planned to move the rogue back to WR, which could be a more natural location for Athletic Bowden.