Lyft presents self-driving tours in Boston

  nuTonomy Boston
Users are randomly
assigned to autonomous vehicles.


  • Lyft has begun to offer self-directed walks in
  • Autonomous vehicles have human backup controllers ready
    to take the wheel if a problem arises.
  • The movement signals an opportunity for Lyft to win
    market share as rival Uber deals with
    Financial difficulties
    and to

The race to establish a reliable and autonomous service to travel by horse
It has just taken an important turn.

Lyft has begun to offer self-directed walks in Boston. For now,
the vehicles have human backup drivers ready to take control of
the car if a problem arises,
according to Verge
. Users are randomly assigned to the

This movement occurs when rival Uber is
his own self-driving service and looking for new ways
to transport customers For example, the company says it's
working in a fleet of
Flying Taxis
aims to introduce Los Angeles in 2020.
Lyft and the NuTonomy autonomous vehicle company, which offers
autonomous vehicles, we hope the test will help customers
Get comfortable with vehicles that drive alone.

"We want members of the public to experience without a driver
vehicles, so they can better understand the impact of this
the new technology will have in their lives, "wrote NuTonomy
on his website

After a recent investment round of $ 1 billion
directed by Alphabet
together with the financial distress of Uber and
recent string of scandals, Lyft hopes it can take market share
of his rival.

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