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Lyft expects massive growth in 2017, doubling passengers and drivers


Lyft, the highly regarded company, opened operations in all 50 US states. UU In 2017.


Lyft went from the smaller and less familiar rival of Uber to the solid competitor in the USA. UU Last year.

Growing at an accelerated pace, the San Francisco-based online travel company provided passengers with 375.5 million trips in 2017. The increase marked a 130 percent increase in the number of trips from the previous year.

The jump coincided with an approximate doubling of passengers and drivers. Lyft published these numbers on Tuesday in its annual Economic Impact Report.

"We arrived at the year with a very clear plan and mission," said Joe Okpaku, vice president of public policy at Lyft. "To have a goal really focused on the laser to bring our Lyft service to as many people as possible."

Compared to Uber, Lyft has long been a small group in the world of bicycle travel. For example, the company received $ 4.1 billion in venture capital and is valued at $ 11.5 billion, while Uber received $ 12.9 billion and is valued at $ 68 billion .

Still, Lyft has grown steadily while Uber been stuck in scandals . Lyft launched dozens of new cities throughout the United States during the past year and is now as ubiquitous as Uber in some markets. Lyft has 1.4 million drivers in the United States and Toronto, while Uber has 750,000 drivers in the United States. Uber, which has 2.25 million drivers outside the US UU., It is in 78 countries so it gave many more trips than Lyft in general, arriving with 4 billion trips in 2017.

The Lyft Economic Impact Report shows that the company is growing on all fronts 2017 Total passengers increased by 92 percent from the previous year to 23 million, while the number of Lyft drivers doubled to 1.4 million.

Lyft says its ultimate goal is to reduce car ownership and road congestion. Nearly 250,000 Lyft passengers reported that they disposed of a domestic vehicle because they were able to use the transportation services, according to the report. Half of the people surveyed in the company said they used their car less.

However, this does not necessarily mean less congestion. Several reports came out last year blaming the high-traffic transportation services in cities such as New York and San Francisco . Okpaku said that would change overtime.

"We are still in the early stages of this transport revolution," he said. "As people feel more comfortable taking a walk, they will be more willing to give up their personal vehicle."

Entering 2018, Okpaku said that Lyft's goal is to continue the expansion. He said the company plans to open more operations in the suburbs and rural areas of the US. UU

"We believe that the growth opportunity in 2018 is extremely solid," he said. We want to "get it out of the park and expand our service in the US to as many people as possible."

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