Luke Ball’s daughter defends Nicole Kidman Casting for Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Being the Ricardo’ – Deadline

Nearly hours after Deadline, it is revealed that Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin Being Ricardos, Social media users challenged the casting. On Sunday, Lucy Arnz, the daughter of Ball and Desi Arnaz, set the record straight as to who would play her mother.

“Stop arguing about who should play – ‘she doesn’t look like her, her nose isn’t like she’s funny.”, Said Arnaz joking over Kidman’s complaints about the casting. “Just trust us. This is going to be a good film and the PS voting has ended. “

The comedy legend’s daughter addressed the casting in a Facebook video, where she also went into detail about Amazon Studios’ upcoming project. He explained to the audience that the title Sorkin would be none I love Lucy Reboot or any kind of. Instead, it will follow Ball’s relationship with her on-screen husband Desi Arnaz and her and off-screen relationship.

She reassures Ball fans and the iconic that there will be humor and romance.

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in it,” she said.

The eyes opposite Kidman’s ball are Javier Bardem’s Desi Arnaz. The film has been produced over the course of a week I love Lucy, When Lucy and Desi face a crisis that could end their career and another that could end their marriage.

Escape Artists will produce Todd Black, Jason Blumental and Steve Tissue. Executive producers are Jenna Block, David Bloomfield of Escape Artist, Stuart Besar, Lucy Arnz, Desi Arnz, Jr. and Lauren Lohman.

Watch the full video of Lucy Arnaz below

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