Luis Suarez feels that Barcelona wanted him out because of a relationship with Lionel Messi

Luis Suarez keeps talking about his departure from Barcelona and he reveals that he feels the club wanted him away from Lionel Messi.

The Uruguay international has said after relocating to Atletico Madrid that he is not in Ronald Komain’s plans and has a theory about why the club wanted him.

“I think they wanted me removed from Messi. Perhaps this annoyed him that I had a good relationship with Leo. Maybe they didn’t want him to be with me. I can’t find any reason to think that the team would be at a disadvantage, though.

“We constantly looked for each other on the pitch, but for the good of the team,” he said. Perhaps they wanted him and the teammates to play together. This can cause something. We do not want to tear us apart for any other reason as we landed well on the pitch. “

Source | ESPN

Messi also tried to leave Barcelona in the summer, but Suarez found no way out and said he was confident that the Catalan giants “should respect his decision to leave.”