Luis Severino and Dellin Betances finally managed to launch again.


Luis Severino and Dellin Betances are finally ready to start launching programs after prolonged shutdowns due to tense tensions that occurred after the shoulder injuries, but Aaron Boone is not ready to put a timeline when either of them could Be ready to make your debut in the season.

Both right-handers underwent MRI exams and were approved, so they are scheduled for Monday, and the Yankees hope that the comebacks for Severino and Betances will be easier than they were earlier in the year, when they suffered Latino injuries while rehabilitating from The shoulder issues.

"I think we trust where they are for their recovery," Boone said on Sunday before the Yankees faced the Blue Jays in the Bronx. "We believe that they are in a position to be ready to begin this step, their comments and how they feel and recover are always an important part of the evaluation and how they present the program … They are ready to graduate up to this point."

That was also the case with the key members of the launch staff when they retired initially, which made General Manager Brian Cashman say that the organization would reevaluate its rehabilitation protocols to try to avoid similar setbacks.

It is not yet known when Betances or Severino will rejoin the list, or what will be the role of Severino when he returns.

Cashman said on Friday on SiriusXM's major network radio that Severino could be limited in terms of his shooting count or be used outside the bullpen if he does not have time to pitch enough to be a full-time starter. the final stretch, since you will need at least a six-week spring training period before you return.

Boone was not prepared to speculate much about how Severino would be used.

"I think we're too early in the process," Boone said Sunday. "I'm sure that's possible, I think there are a number of things potentially on the table, depending on how it progresses, what it achieves and then we'll see where we are as it builds up."

At this point, Boone is pleased to receive positive news about the two pitchers who were supposed to be vital members of his rotation and bullpen, but instead have been out since spring training, and Severino is considered as a possible key addition for a Home Unit that is still looking for an ace.

"I'm really interested and excited about [Severino] "Starting a launch program and seeing where it's progressing," said Boone. "How are you responding? How are you recovering?" I have not started putting a timeline on what it takes to have it ready to be a starter for us or any kind of option for us.

That process will include long throws, throws off flat terrain and then move forward to throw a mound.

Boone believed that they would spend the "bulk" of their early rehabilitation with the Yankees before moving to Tampa depending on where they are in the process.

"I hope this is the beginning of his way back," said Boone.

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