Lucy Leby, British nurse, charged with the murders of eight children in her care

A British nurse has been charged with the murder of eight infants as well as the attempted murder of 10 others, following a year-long investigation into an unexplained spike in the child’s death in a hospital’s neonatal unit.

This is the third time that 30-year-old Lucy Leby has been arrested. He was previously detained in 2018 and 2019 as authorities examined a string of infant mortality at the Countess of Chester Hospital in England. Both times, the nurse was released to take no further action against her, but she faced 18 formal charges in court on Thursday.

In the court room, the nurse finds out that she faces eight charges of “killing a victim under the age of 1”, and each infant victim’s name was read aloud to her. According to BBC News, five children and three girls died. She was named Kemlin Bennett, Joseph Johnson, Barney G, Joseph Gelder, Ellie Gelder, Elsie McNeal, Daisy Parkin and Maddy Freed.

Leby did not speak in court except to confirm her identity and her representatives have not said whether she plans to plead the culprits. The media has been ordered not to reveal the names of the alleged victims of the assassination attempt, but allegedly five boys and five girls.

The Countess of Chester Hospital near Liverpool, in 2015 and 2016, faces all charges related to a string of child deaths and non-fatal collapse. According to a National Health Service report on the incidents, the hospital began an investigation after doctors became doctors about what was described as a “high-normal number of neonatal deaths” on the unit, among them Many are clearly ‘unexplained’ and ‘unpredictable’. “

A year later the police joined it. This week, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes, the head of the investigation, said that Leby’s third arrest came after more than three years of investigation by his team.

The hospital’s chief executive Susan Gilby, where Leby accuses Lebee of committing the crimes, said in a statement that the major development was of “grave concern” and added that the trust running the hospital was judicially “fully supported and respected” Processes will be found. “

Neil Fern, who is representing some families in a legal case, told Guardian: “Families are overwhelmed with news and a mixture of emotions. All families now hope that they can begin to learn the truth of what has happened in the first days of their children’s lives. We have been working with families on these matters for many years and have had to live with the consequences of that time. “

Leby is expected to appear in another court on Friday.


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