Lucid claims that the wind will be able to charge up to 300 miles in 20 minutes

The illustration air for Lucid's claim article will be able to charge up to 300 miles in 20 minutes

Illustration: Lucid / Jason Torkinski

If we are looking at numbers, which we are, then it is safe to say Lucid He seems to have a really viable Tesla competitor on his hands with his upcoming car, Air. Earlier this month Lucid announced an expected air range of 517 miles., Which would make it the longest-range EV available, beating Tesla’s Model S Long Range Plus with a 402 mph charge. Now Lucid is claiming that Air will be able to recharge at a rate of 20 mph faster than Tesla, Or up to 300 miles in 20-Hello fee

To get this type of charging rate, you have to use 900-volts Charger with peak charging rate of 300 Kw, charger working with Lucid Electrify us For making. These combined charging systems (CCS) -same DC charging stations can be deployed in any electrified US 2,000 charging station, but so far I have not seen any hard numbers on how many are actually deployed and ready, Or what are the future projections. .

I reached out to Lucid to ask about this and will update when I hear back.

To compare charging rates, Tesla’s superchargers can provide DC power at rates up to 250 kW, which comes About 15 mph of charge, Five mph less than Lucid claims.

Lucid has also provided this short video of Air that looks like a home station:

I’m a bit confused about why they included this video on the press release, because it doesn’t have a plug with a fast-charge DC pin, but that could be because PR discusses Lucid’s home charging setup , Which allows for bi-directional charging.

This functionality will now be useful for California customers who can draw power from their cars Rolling blackout.

The Air could prove to be a real viable competitor for Tesla, however, with prices expected to start at around $ 100,000, it’s not going to do much to fight the Model 3 on a mass market level. Of course, everyone has called out almost every new EV that will ultimately provide real competition to Tesla, and thanks to Tesla’s more intangible benefits in public perception, it has proved to be trickier than anticipated.

Still, there are numbers and forms in the air, so who knows?


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