Luca Donsick wins over Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors over Larry Bird in Dallas Mavericks victory

Dallas – Luca Donsic has not had much reason to flash his infectious smile lately. He is a firm believer in the professional benefits of enjoying basketball, but it is difficult to do so when his Dallas Mavericks lost 10 of their last 13 matches, as was the case when he left for work Saturday night at the American Airlines Center Had reported

Give Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry an assist to bring Doncic’s joy back. Even in an empty field, there is nothing that quite favors the atmosphere of the NBA such as cooking curry. That is certainly what happened on Saturday, when Curry was 11 to 19 from 3-point range and hit a series of silly shots, the way you hit loudly, a 57-point rout.

Doncic enthusiastically accepted Curry’s brilliant performance as a challenge. He responded with an outing that reminded a national television audience why this 21-year-old entered the season with the weight of MVP hopes, matching his career with 42 points and taking out 11 assists to Dallas. Led to a thrilling – and dire need – a 134–132 victory.

“Obviously, it’s fun to go against Steph,” Doncic said. “I enjoy playing the game more than I was before. I have to come back to enjoy the game right now.”

If you do not enjoy Saturday’s competition, basketball is probably not the game for you. Or maybe you are just a bitter soul. How else to explain not smiling when you see Curry doing an overstretched shoulder shimmy after removing an infection pull-up from there? You can’t appreciate the artistic beauty of the best shooter in NBA history, dancing with his dribble before removing a 30-foot step-step with one hand on his face?

“Stiff does something incredible,” Doncic said. “I think every shot has to go when he’s shot at it. It’s unbelievable the way he plays the game, and it’s enjoyable to watch, even if you’re on the opposing team.”

As Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said of Curry, “He is one of those guys I would pay a lot of money to play.”

Doncic, who was the only curry hunt among the guards in the early times of All-Star voting, is certainly the second player to fit into that category. It’s not Doncic’s ability to stuff the box score – they now have all six 40-point, for example, 10-assist performances in franchise history – and create highlights that allow them to buy tickets or at least turn on the TV Qualifies for. Watch. He is an entertainer with a rare temperament for the moment, something he has in common with NBA legends that Carlisle has seen before.

“The basketball floor is his theater,” Carlisle said of Donsick. “Guys like him – and I was around [Larry] Bird; I was around Reggie Miller – when another guy from the other team was elevating his game to the level that Curry was, you feel an obligation if you’re that type of player. I saw bird do it; I saw Miller doing this.

“You just dig deep. You find a way to try to match that guy and match the guy for your team. And that’s exactly what they did.”

Doncic never allowed Curry to seize complete control of the game. There were certainly stretches when Curry was unnatural, but Donsick kept responding. Case in point: The final 90 seconds of the second quarter, when Curry capped his 30-point half with a cutting lap and a pair of long 3s and Doncic swung 3 floaters with a pair of graceful floaters, giving the Mavs Got a place in eight. Point lead at break.

One of the league’s lowest-percentage, high-volume long-range gunmen, Doncic shot like a splash sibling on Saturday night. He was 7-of-12 from 3-point range. And he got better as the stakes rose higher, hitting 5 3 3 in the fourth quarter as the Mavors kept the Warriors at bay, the largest giving Dallas a seven-point lead with 44.5 seconds left.

“His eyes lit up a bit,” Curry said. “He shot some big shots tonight.”

Of course, the seven-point lead with Curry is not safe in the Seasl Mode. Curry cut the Mavs advantage after four seconds by closing a feed from Dromond Green (a point center who had his consecutive 15-assist performance and Joe) after a few seconds. Too A pleasure to watch). Then, all of a sudden, it was a one-point game, when Curry danced and darted into the lane for a 1-lead with 28.6 seconds left.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, after losing 12 consecutive one-possession games for the third-longest in NVA history, imagine the pressures felt at that moment, losing 12 in a row.

That streak, it is worth noting, includes only regular-season games. You may remember that Donetic put an exclamation point on a playoff masterpiece to beat Step-Back 3 to record 4 wins over the LA Clippers last season to defeat 4 overtime buzzers in Dallas’ game. Donsick had a 43-point triple-double that night, when he was doubtful due to a sprained ankle about 36 hours earlier; It was a performance that put an end to the suspicion that the young players were in the news of being the league’s best.

At the time of their return on Saturday night, the Warriors decided that they would not let Doncic seal the game by scoring, as the shot clock ticked down. Donsick took advantage of the strategy and accepted the challenge, giving a bounce pass to Maxie Kleber, who was left alone in the corner and hit a dagger 3.

“He’s very polished,” Curry said, donning his hat to Doncic. “He has shown that since his deceitful year, and he has gotten better. And who knows how high the ceiling is for him?”

It would be fun to find out.