LSU Coach Ed Orgran – ‘Most’ Team Contracts Coronavirus

LSU coach Ed Orgeron said on Tuesday that most of his team had signed COVID-19.

“Not all of our players but most of our players have caught it,” Orgeron told reporters. “I think hopefully they don’t catch it again, and hopefully they won’t be out for the games.”

When asked later for further clarification, Orgeron stated that he does not know the exact percentage of players who have coronavirus.

“Hopefully once you catch it, you don’t get it again,” he said. I am not a doctor. I think they have a 90-day window, so most players have caught it, we do it looks like they will be eligible for the game. ”

According to SEC protocol, players contracting COVID-19 do not have to undergo re-testing for 90 days.

Like many programs at SSU and nationally, LSU has not provided regular reports on the number of players who have contracted the novel coronary virus.

Two weeks ago, Orgeron said that two or three offensive linemen missed practice due to testing.

“You have to make adjustments,” he said.

Orgeron’s comment on Monday of five more cases of Texas Tech’s self-reporting brought the team’s total positive cases to 75 in five more cases of COVID-19, as the players returned to campus in June.

Orgeron also reported that reserve DL Nelson Jenkins has opted in and is not with the football team, adding that the coach and player have given at least two weeks.

Another defensive lineman, Neil Farrell Jr., returned to the season this week, and Orgeron said he is hearing that defensive Tyler Shelvin is considering making a comeback.

Shelvin, a potential first-round pick, was selected last month.

“We’ll get him back and we want him back,” Orgeron said. “If he doesn’t return then we wish him all the best. If not, like a member of our family, we’ll take him back.”

LSU, which also lost wide to save Ja’Marr Chase and defenseman Kary Vincent, opens season 26 at home against Mississippi State.