Louisville police officers who shot Bretton Taylor, earning money to retire

Detective Miles Cosgrove was one of three Louisville officers who fired at Taylor’s apartment last March to serve a search warrant related to Taylor’s ex-boyfriend.

Taylor, an emergency room technician, died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Now, Cosgrove is seeking funds on the “Christian crowdfunding site” Givendago to “buy the remainder of his service time” and retire according to the funding details. He wants to focus on protecting his family, which has been threatened, according to details, since protests following Taylor’s murder.

“Miles’ reputation is completely eroded and psychological trauma is something he will have to face with the rest of his life,” the fundraiser reads the description.
Louisville Address.  Myles Cosgrove is raising funds for his retirement on an online crowdfunding site.

A lawyer for Corgrove, Jarrod Beck, confirmed to CNN that Page had been set up by members of Cogrove’s family, but declined to comment further. CNN also reached out to GiveSendGo to comment on the campaign and is waiting to hear back.

The detective is currently seeking $ 75,000 and, as of Wednesday morning, has exceeded $ 9,000.

The Louisville Courier Journal was the first to report about the fund.
These are the people at the center of the Bryo Taylor case

Cosgrove and Officer Jonathan Mattingly were two of the three officers who killed Taylor on the night of 13 March.

Neither was convicted for his actions that night, although Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said Cosgrove fired the fatal shot – which he said was justified because Taylor’s boyfriend first fired at the officers.

A third officer, Brett Hankinson, is charged with three degrees of danger for indiscriminate firing in a permanent apartment in the first degree.

Hackesen has pleaded not guilty.

Cameron told CNN-affiliated WDRB that he does not seek murder charges against Cosgrove or Mattingly.

The grand jury decided to convict only one officer involved in his death, and on charges of Class D felony, the lowest of four felony felony charges, angered Louisville protesters. Last week, two Louisville officers were shot dead in a protest and dozens of protesters, including Kentucky’s only black female legislator, were arrested.

GiveSendGo hosts fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse and Kenosha Officer

GiveSendGo currently hosts funders for two other accused gunmen: Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old accused of allegedly shooting and killing two people in Kenosa, Wisconsin, during a demonstration in protest against the police shooting of Jacob Blake Was Kenosha Officer Rasten Sheski, who shot Jack Blake. The campaign has raised over $ 500,000 and $ 30,000 respectively.
Bryo Taylor's investigation into Transparency Mount's demand is far away
GiveSendGo did not immediately respond to CNN’s requests for comment, but in a release published after the backlash to host Rittenhouse’s legal fund, GiveSendGo co-founder Heather Wilson said the forum “unless we agree with them Are “allows expeditions. As such funding methods are legal.

CNN’s Ray Sanchez and Mark Morales contributed to reporting this story.


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