Loughler, Warnock heads to run up

Kelly Loeffler, Rafael Warnock, Doug Collins, Georgia Senate Candidates

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Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor Rafael Warnock, NBC New, are predicted to have the warmest election for the election in January.

Loeffler, who was appointed to the seat late last year, fought fiercely with Rep. Doug Collins to dominate the Republican side of the special election. The recent election of the race showed a relatively evenly split support between them.

But after the results started coming in on Tuesday night, Collins announced in a tweet that he supported Loeffler.

Collins tweeted, “I just called @kloeffler and congratulated him for making the runoff.” “I have my support and support. I am waiting for all the Republicans to come along,” he said.

With no candidate to reach more than 50% of the vote, the special election rules state that the top two finishers will compete on January 5, which will help determine which party takes control of the US Senate.

The special election pitted several candidates against each other to replace Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson, who retired last year due to health challenges.

Georgia’s Republican government Brian Kemp elected businessman Loeffler, who had three years left in his term, to temporarily replace Iskason in late 2019.

Since Isakson had so much time left, his seat remains for both elections this year in a special contest to end the current term, and for a regular, six-year Senate term in 2022.

On the Democratic side, support was mostly consolidated behind Warnock until November. His Atlanta church is the place where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor in the 1960s.

On the left was Warnock’s main rival, Matt Lieberman, son of Connecticut Sen. Lieberman. Lieberman faced widespread pressure from fellow Democrats to pull out of the race over fears that his presence on the ballot could jeopardize the party’s prospects.

Remarkable demographic changes around major cities in Georgia, such as Atlanta, have gradually put a historically Republican state on the national stage for Democrats.

On the Republican side, Loeffler faced a tough challenge from Collins, an avid supporter of President Donald Trump.

In January, Loeffler became the second woman to represent Georgia in the Senate. Kemp opposed Trump’s call to nominate Collins. Other Republicans worried that Loeffler, who once supported Mitt Romney, was simply not sufficiently conservative.

Loeffler was quick to resume his conservative by 2020 in hopes of avoiding attacks from Collins, who had been arguing for months that he had a more consistent political track record.

Asked during a debate in October whether Trump said a thing or did so that he disagreed, Loeffer said “no.” Instead, he trampled her for several months of voting with the president.

For his part, Collins said for months that he believed he had a more consistent adherence to conservative values ​​and attacked Loeffler earlier in the year for “shady” stock trading.

The richest member of Congress, Loeffler, caught fire in the spring after it was revealed that she and her husband had sold equity of up to $ 3 million. The sale of those stocks occurred in response to the spread of Kovid-19 in the United States before the market fell drastically.

Adding to the investigation, Loeffler married Jeffrey Sprecher, president and CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the New York Stock Exchange. According to The Washington Post, the couple has a combined net worth of $ 520 million.

The regular election for Georgia’s other Senate seat between Republican David Peru and Democrat John Ossoff is also highly competitive.


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