Loughler calls for hearing in view of Netflix’s ‘Cutees’

Sen Kelly LoefflerKelly Lofleggergo’s Senate campaign could bring black political redemption Democrats want to boost Harris in secret race Andrew Clyde wins Georgia GOP runoff to replace Doug Collins Peacock (R-Ga.) The Senate is calling on the Judiciary Committee to conduct a hearing to ban child abuse and trafficking in the wake of the release of Netflix’s controversial “cuteness” film.

In a letter to the chairman Lindsey grahamSenators of Lindsay Olin Grahamgoop say that coronovirus has died until after the election. Tucker Carlson accused Lindsey Graham of persuading Trump to speak to the Woodward Trump courts. (RS.C.), a Georgia Republican, said there had been a “deep disturbance” in the number of suspected sexual abuse cases, arguing that Congress had a responsibility to act.

“The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received more than two million reports of suspected exploitation in March of this year, an increase of over 100 percent compared to March 2019,” wrote Loeffler, in a complex reunion race is. Which she faces challenges from both left and right.

“Also, Netflix, Inc. The release of the film Katies, and its hypersexual portrayal of child actresses, has given rise to new concerns about the complexity of the entertainment industry in sexual exploitation of children, which also provokes predators. Therefore, I ask to request that your committee will hear what steps will be taken to better understand the causes and solutions to the increasing prevalence of child abuse and trafficking. ”

The French film on Netflix centers around an 11-year-old Senegal immigrant named Amy, who joins other pre-teen girls in the school’s dance group called “Cutees”. This has sparked a fierce attack from conservatives, who have pointed out the hype and its hype imagery to reveal the dress and suggestive dance moves by young girls in the film.

Other GOP senators have also called for action in the wake of the Netflix controversy with the censors. Ted cruiseRafael (Ted) is hosting a special reunion to raise money for Edward Cruzkhel care Wisconsin Democrats Jimmy Carter in crosshairs with members of the new Trump Supreme Court list ‘Parks and RES’, says his son from White House Smoked Pot with Nelson on the Roof (R-Texas) and Tom cottonTom Bryant Cotton Care Care in crosshairs with new Trump Supreme Court list Cruz says he won’t accept Supreme Court nomination Republican call on DOJ to probe Netflix over ‘cuties’ movie (R-Ark.) I request that the Department of Justice investigate the film.

Netflix has defended the film as a “social comment against sexual abuse of young children”.

The company spokesperson said, “This is an award-winning film and a powerful story about young girls under pressure on social media and in society in general – and we would encourage anyone who sees these important issues to watch the film Cares, “the company spokesman said in a statement.