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Lotus “to rival Ferrari” in the coming years


It seems that every two months Lotus launches another Elise, Demand or Evora, each more extreme than the previous special edition model. And that is not the way to grow a brand that has had financial problems for too many years. In this regard, the Chinese automaker Geely has big plans for the British company founded by Colin Chapman. In fact, Geely intends Lotus to rival Ferrari.
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With the exception of the Macan-rivaling sport utility vehicle, Lotus does not have a roadmap for the near future. And given these circumstances, Geely's boss, An Cong Hui, told Autocar: "Lotus used to figure next to Ferrari and Porsche, so we have to go back to that range again." Excuse my French, but that's illusory thinking at best.

Geely, which proved to be a competent mothership with Volvo, does not have the essence of what it means to go crazy with Duke with Ferrari and Porsche. The task is even more grueling for Geely considering the amount of money that Ferrari and Porsche invest in research and development.

But when it comes to cash, the Chinese manufacturer has a lot of that to burn, and it seems that Geely is seriously thinking about throwing a Volvo in Lotus. "We are making plans, we want to bring back Lotus's legacy to be one of the best in the luxury sports car segment," added Cong Hui, who has been heading Geely since December 2011

The thing is, would you? $ 100,000 in a 911 or an Evora? The answer to this question is more than obvious and, through it, it is easy to understand that Geely has to rethink the Lotus brand along with the development of completely new and more competitive models. And speaking of that, does Lotus have any model capable of breaking Ferrari's heels?

In a few words, no. Geely does not even have a V8 in his name, much less a V8 with double turbo at the same level as the one under the hood of the cheapest Ferrari sold today, the Portofino that replaces the California T. On the other hand , you really want Geely to take Lotus to new heights, especially if that means the manual transmission will continue.

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