Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James wins AP Mail Athlete of the Year award

Lebron James told the world in 2020 that black life matters. He helped convince many people who had never voted. He found more ways to continue people’s lives in his hometown.

If that were not enough, he won another NBA championship.

This year James’s performance in court was again excellent. His fourth NBA title and fourth NBA Finals MVP trophy were his, as he lifted the Los Angeles Lakers back into the basketball world. And a year later on the court and off where he was brilliant, James was announced as the winner of The Associated Press Mail Athlete of the Year award for record-tying for the fourth time on Saturday.

“I still know what I do on the floor, and obviously I give everything to the game,” James told AP. “But I can make as much of an impact on the floor right now as I can on the floor. And I want to continue to inspire people in the way I play the game of basketball. But there are so many more things I can do . Off the floor to help people cultivate, inspire people, bring people together, empower them. “

The AP Award was first given in 1931. James’ fourth win was the most men’s match by Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. Three women have won the AP Award at least four times; Babe Diddrichson was the winner six times, Serena Williams won five and Chris Evert four.

The AP’s Women’s Athlete of the Year will be announced on Sunday.

No NBA player scored more points or more assists in 2020 than James. The only other player in his lifetime who leads the league in points and assists in the same calendar year? Myself, in 2018.

James also became the first player to be the NBA Finals MVP for three franchises. He moved Kobe Bryant to No. 3 on the all-time scoring list, causing Bryant to die in a helicopter crash the day before he died; Last tweet Bryant sent a congratulatory message to James.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said of James in October, “He is the greatest player the basketball universe has ever seen.” “And if you think you know, you don’t know that you’re around him every day, you’re coaching him, you’re watching his mind, you’re watching his adjustment, the way he is in the group. Is leading. You think you know. You don’t know. “

James finished with 78 points polled by a panel of 35 AP subscribers and editors. Kansas City’s reigning quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes was a narrow second with 71 points. Formula One seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton was third with 14 points.

James – AP’s male athlete of the past decade – also won the annual AP Awards in 2013, 2016 and 2018. Michael Jordan, a three-time winner, is the only other basketball player to win the AP Award more than once. .

“He is one of the greatest leaders in the game,” Lakers guard Kyle Kuzma said of James.

Which is closed and applied in court.

James K. Morey, a vote organization to work at polling stations for the November election, attracted more than 42,000 volunteers, some to help him regain his voting rights and to vote among black and young voters pushed.

“The tragic death of George Floyd, everyone getting a chance to see it, and hearing the story of Bryo Taylor in Georgia, his tragic story, and Ahmad Arbe as well … My people have enough and I have enough Is, “said James. “That’s why I called for action, and with my platform, I believed I could get people to join me.”

As usual, he also focused on Akron, Ohio’s hometown.

The I PROMISE school he opened in 2018 has more than 450 students in the third through sixth grade. When the epidemic closed the school, James and his team ensured that students were served hot meals in their homes – even thanksgiving meals. An affordable housing project for 50 families broke ground this year. And this month, plans for House Three Thirty (a node for Akron’s area code) were announced, detailing how James Sulabh offered things like family financial health programming, job training and a community gathering place Going to do

“The epidemic has been rough on all of us,” James said. “No matter your situation, no matter where you are in life, it’s rough. And the first thing I did, other than the stagnation of the season when the epidemic hit, was ‘What am I going to do for my kids?’ In me [hometown] In my school? “

He is already eyeing 2021. The Lakers are expected to be contenders again. His remake of “Space Jam” is expected to be released this summer. And James, who turned 36 on Wednesday, has not ruled out playing for USA basketball again at the Tokyo Olympics, the team that will feature Greg Popovich.

“It’s still possible,” James said. “It’s not a 0% percent chance, I’d say I like Coach Pop.”

But as the wound wound down in 2020, James allowed himself to reflect in a year like no one else.

“It’s a tribute to the people I work with, to the people at my foundation, to the sponsors who continue to support us and to what we do and what we strive for,” James he said. “It’s unbelievable. I can’t sit here and say that the moment we stopped in March that I thought it would happen and we would be at this point in December.”


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